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Child feeding a lamb or goat by their hand

What is agritourism and how does it affect Indiana

When people think of the agriculture industry, some things that may come to mind are cows, pigs, corn and soybeans. However, the industry has so much more to offer than that.
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The Boys & Girls Club of Evansville

The Boys & Girls Club of Evansville is known as “The Positive Place for Kids.” Their mission is to enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.
Speed limit sign that reads 30 mph by a office building and greenery

How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record in Indiana

A speeding ticket will stay on your driving license for two years and can impact your car insurance premium. Check these 5 tips from our experts to guide you what to do.
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The top 3 reasons life insurance is important for young adults

At 24 years of age, the last thing on my mind is life insurance. That even comes from someone who works in the insurance industry and knows how important life insurance is in a tough time.
Welcome to Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Day at the State Fair banner on a fence next to a push lawn mower and a Ferris wheel and Indiana State Fair Midway sign
Join us July 30 for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance day at the Indiana State Fair!
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Top health tips for summer

It’s time to restart this summer and become the best you! Here are the top 10 tips for having a rejuvenating summer.
Bundle Home and Auto
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    Our life insurance measures in response to COVID-19

    We processed more than 1200 claims during the pandemic to support Indiana residents. Read how the life insurance claims process has evolved over time and how our company helped and continues to help our fellow Hoosiers.
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    Be prepared this September for National Preparedness Month

    September is National Preparedness Month! Across the country, communities and organizations are taking time to look at their ability to respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies, and here at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we play a major role in the preparedness of our member clients.
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