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We offer many discounts on qualifying auto policies - accident-free, youthful driver and multi-car discounts to name a few. Plus, if we insure your home and auto(s), you could save money on both with our multi-line discount. 

Paperless discount

Go green and save 5% when you go paperless on qualifying auto policies.

Full Payment Discount

Receive a 5% discount on your policy by paying your premium in full prior to the policy term.

Multi-line discount

More policies = more savings! Save up to 18% when we insure both your auto and home.

Accident-Free Discount

Get rewarded for good driving whether you are a new client or have been with us for years.

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Your annual membership provides everyone in the household (children to age 25) access to savings and discounts on purchases, travel, hotels, vehicle rentals, airport parking, theme parks, tickets to attractions and events, and more.