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Umbrella Liability

Add an extra layer of protection

Protect what you have worked hard to build for your family.


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What if...

  • While out golfing, your ball goes in the wrong direction and hits another golfer in the head.
  • Your dog bites a house guest and you are sued for damages.
  • You are found at fault in a multi-car accident in which several people are critically injured.
  • Your child posts a seemingly harmless comment on social media that someone finds libelous or defamatory.

How can umbrella insurance help you?


If any of the above situations happen to you, there's a good chance your insurance policy limits might not be adequate.


Umbrella liability insurance can extend your liability coverage by adding an extra layer of protection above your homeowners, renters, condominium, watercraft and auto policy liability limits. It can better protect your assets (including future earnings) by providing additional protection in the event of a lawsuit. 

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Valuable coverage for a reasonable price.


It may seem that all of this additional coverage would be expensive, but you may find the cost is very affordable. Your cost will depend on the options you select, but the typical umbrella policy starts at only $15 per month.


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