Why do you need umbrella liability insurance?

Protect what you have worked hard to build for your family.

An expensive lawsuit could be filed against you and your family even if there was no fault or carelessness on your part. Extend your liability coverage by adding an extra layer of protection above the liability insurance limit of underlaying policies with an Umbrella Liability policy from Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

Below are a few example scenarios:


  • A member of your household runs a stop sign, causing a serious accident.
  • You change lanes suddenly and cause injuries to multiple passengers in other vehicles.


  • A sales person trips on a crack in your sidewalk.
  • A babysitter is injured by your otherwise friendly dog.
  • A friend trips on a loose rug at the top of your basement stairs and falls.


  • Your son at college accidentally injures someone during a dormitory prank.
  • Your daughter is accused of making an online post that is libelous, slanderous or defamatory and a lawsuit against her has been filed.
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