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A woman putting a shipping label on a cardboard box for her business

Business Owners Policy Insurance Guide | BOP Insurance

Todd Wottring, District Sales Director | Jul 22, 2021

Our business owners policy (BOP) can provide specialized coverage for commercial property, general liability, business income and more in a single policy. From a barber shop to a warehouse, we have coverages that fit the unique needs of your business.
Mother and daughter sitting on a porch step with a sign that says home to the right of them

Buy a life insurance policy when you are young. Here's why.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | Jul 7, 2021

There are a few good reasons you should purchase a life insurance policy – even If you are a recent college graduate, single young adult or a Gen-Z who just got married.
Photo of a corn field with grain bins in the distance

Top grain bin safety tips

John Nagle, Farm Training Specialist | Jun 28, 2021

Practice these safety tips while managing a grain bin on a farm.
A woman who is an insurance agent shaking hands with two adults after looking over paperwork

10 insurance sales tips for new insurance agents

Jason Kaeppel, Direct Sales Director | Jun 16, 2021

10 insurance sales tips that you need to know!
Older woman holding her phone while smiling

New features coming soon to our online account management site!

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | Jun 16, 2021

New features coming soon!
Teenager in the driver's seat of her car getting ready to drive

Teenager safety guide: How to avoid and deal with an accident

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | Jun 11, 2021

Driving can become the opposite of fun if you aren’t careful. Here’s the essential safety guide for every teen driver or parent to know before getting behind the wheel.
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    Our Family Protects All Families

    Learn about how Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s inclusion and diversity initiatives have grown from employee, Corinna Cohn.
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