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Love yourself this February 14

love yourself

Valentine’s Day is a day that some excitedly mark on their calendars a year in advance and one that others dread when seeing those red heart shaped chocolate boxes  at the grocery store.

No matter your feelings about the day of love, this year you can make it a fun and rewarding day that’s all about you. Maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at your New Year’s resolution. If you haven’t quite stuck with your goal for 2020, maybe February 14 is the day to get back on track—or do something to reward yourself if you’ve been making progress on your goal. If you have been eyeing up some new tennis shoes or a fun new pair of boots, go to the store or online and buy them!

Loving yourself sometimes means loving others, as well. If you choose to have a date with a significant other, a friend, your family or your favorite pet, plan something that may be out of the ordinary to celebrate the day. Life is too short to not enjoy the little things. This year I made the personal resolution to try new foods, so wherever I go to dinner that night I am going to try something on the menu that I have never tried before!

Whether or not you have someone special in your life, take a moment to look in the mirror, smile, and realize you can be your own valentine this year.  Make the day about you – and maybe start it by treating yourself to your favorite frappe instead of your usual black coffee. You’re worth it.