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Celebrate Responsible Pet Owner Month today!

Two kids rolling on their carpet with their white small dog

Whether you are a dog, cat, bird, or turtle (or an any kind of animal) person, February is all about you being the responsible pet owner you are! You put in hard work training, watching, feeding, bathing and practically treating your pet like your baby during their entire lifetime. While February 14, Valentine’s Day, may be known as the day of love, the month of February is all about love between you and your furry, fuzzy, scaley and slimy friends.  

When Responsible Pet Owner month began has yet to be figured out, but the reason behind the month is important to the well-being of our beloved pets. Owning and caring for a pet comes with great responsibility and this month is the perfect time to reflect on your relationship and current living situation of your pet. Is your pet getting the correct amount of food each day? Are you feeding your pet the quality food it deserves? Is your pet as active as it needs to be each day, or do you need to add a daily walk or game of chase to your daily routine?  

This February, reflect on what kind of pet owner you are, and if you find that you are slacking in some categories this is the perfect month and year to become the best pet owner you can be. 


How can I celebrate Responsible Pet Owner Month?  

Ways in which you can choose to celebrate Responsible Pet Owner Month include:  


  • Reflect on whether you are being the most responsible pet owner you can be.  

  • Buy or make special treats for your pet to show your gratitude for their existence and all they do for you.  

  • Have a mini photoshoot with you and your pet and frame the photo somewhere in your home.  

  • Take your pet for an extra walk a few times a week this month and try to create a new habit of keeping you both active in 2021.  

  • Check out FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic and donate, volunteer or learn more about what they are doing for animals and pets throughout the community.  


What is the FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic?  

FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic offers low-cost spaying and neutering for dogs and cats. FACE encourages owners to have their pets spayed and neutered to improve their health and behavior which can help prevent overpopulation.  

They now offer the FACE Community Cat Program which helps reduce the number of cats that are euthanized when they are trapped and brought to the city shelter. Learn more about the FACE Community Cat Program and see how you can donate to make a difference.  

Where is the FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic?  

FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic
 is located on 1505 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46201.  

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance many employees have pets of their own and will also be showing them extra love during Responsible Pet Owner Month. Our pets do so much for us, let us all make sure we are doing all we can for them this month and every month after that!