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Photo of the 2022 summer interns at Gleaners

All about my summer internship

Want to know more about the Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance summer internship program? Audrey Wilson shares her experience and how it was the highlight of her summer!
Family of three in the car with their dog sitting in the middle of them

What is gap insurance and do I need it?

As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the things that has returned to normal is the number of cars on the road. During the pandemic, there were fewer cars on the road and many drivers often drove faster because of the decrease in traffic. Unfortunately, some drivers became accustomed to driving faster in decreased traffic, and what we are seeing now is an increase in not only the number of accidents, but in their severity, as well.
House with two cars in the garage

Does auto insurance cover theft?

Auto theft could happen to any vehicle owner. It is an unfortunate event that no one wants to experience. Recently, it has been fodder in the media because of a viral trend on the social media platform TikTok. Though some see the trend as childish, criminals have used it as an opportunity to exploit owners of specific Kia and Hyundai models.
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