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Indiana Farm Bureau Health Plans Now Available

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Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) Health Plans, a suite of affordable health care offerings sponsored by Indiana Farm Bureau, are now available. The health plans include Individual and Family Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and dental/vision coverage. 

As a new member benefit, INFB Health Plans will address a significant need for many Hoosiers. For years, INFB members have expressed concerns over rising health care costs, especially for those who are sole proprietors. 

To meet this growing member need, INFB surveyed members to identify their top health coverage concerns and built a product to best meet their needs.  

What are INFB Health Plans? 

Three main types of health plans are now available:

Individual and Family Plans

  • The Traditional Plans provide health coverage options for individuals and families. These plans utilize the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network of providers. Four plans are available: Advanced Choice, Classic Choice, Major Medical and High Deductible Health Plan (HSA-qualified).  

Dental/Vision Coverage

  • Dental and vision coverage will be bundled for members into one affordable, convenient plan through Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier, in partnership with VSP Vision Care. Limited dental and vision benefits provided by United Healthcare also are included in the Advanced Choice and Classic Choice Traditional Plans. 

Medicare Supplement Plans

  • For members 65 years of age or older, the Medicare Supplement Plans include Plan A, Plan D, Plan G and Plan N, meant to help pay for some of the health care costs the original Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover. 

Coverage is statewide and plans are portable anywhere a member may live in Indiana, with no defined service area. Existing Farm Bureau members may apply for coverage at any time, with coverage beginning as early as January 2021. 

How can I sign up for INFB Health Plans? 

To be eligible for INFB Health Plans, an applicant must be: 

  • A resident of Indiana  
  • A member of Indiana Farm Bureau and  
  • Meet the medical underwriting requirements.  

Interested but not a member? Apply to become a member today. New members must wait 30 days from the start of their membership before applying for the Traditional Plans or dental and vision coverage. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans do not require the 30-day waiting period. 

For more information on INFB Health Plans, visit The website contains additional information about each plan and what makes INFB Health Plans different.  

Call 1-888-964-0854 to get a comparison on the health plans over the phone or you can visit in person at your local Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance office today.