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Offices closed on Labor Day, time for some fun

Mom sitting on the ground with young boy and girl reading a book while under a fort

Celebrating Labor Day 2020


With the first half of 2020 behind us, it is time to enjoy the last long holiday weekend before summer is officially over. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, as well as numerous other companies and businesses, will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 7. However, our customers still have the option to find an agent and get a quote on our website if they need to.


What is Labor Day?


Labor Day is a tradition dating back to 1894, when it became an official federal holiday. The commemorative day is a tribute to many achievements, long hours and tough days of America’s workers. This holiday gives many the first Monday of September off from work— and since schools are also closed for Labor Day, kids in elementary, middle, high school and college can also enjoy the long weekend. Not only is it a day off from the constant grind of emails, meetings and projects, but it is an opportunity to enjoy the last warm days of summer left until we move right into the beginning of Fall.


What can you do this Labor Day?


Because of current events, many vacations have been put on hold this year and the thought of using vacation time to just spend time at home or in Indiana may not sound as exciting as going to the beach in Florida. But maybe time off, even just spent at home, is exactly what you and your family need to decompress from all the stress of the first half of 2020. While you and your family are together, you can get creative and have fun while being safe, too.


Labor Day weekend is a perfect time to explore ways to vacation from home. Maybe try building a fort in your living room with your kids, watch a movie and make s’mores in your microwave or a backyard firepit. Do you have a grill at home? It is time to have a grill off between mom and dad to see who can make the best shish kabob. Layer the shish kabob with your favorite foods which could include pineapple, purple onion, steak, chicken, zucchini and more! If you do choose to have a cook-off on the grill make sure to abide by the grill safety tips to keep you and your family safe.


Tired of being cooped up inside?  Make a reservation online to visit the Indianapolis Zoo. Due to COVID-19, the zoo has created new rules and regulations for your visit. Their changes permit fewer guests into the zoo at a time, so plan ahead for this one. Enjoy watching the elephants take a bath and having the rare opportunity to touch an elephant as part of your admission at the zoo. Don’t forget to see how Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s friend, Indy the dolphin, is doing at the dolphin show!


If you are fortunate enough to get the day off this Labor Day, make it relaxing and fun—whether that may be reading your favorite book, sitting by the pool, cooking a fun meal or going to the Zoo or one of Indiana’s other many attractions. Maybe even think about taking a few days of vacation time to enjoy some alone time or time with the family, too. We hope you make this Labor Day and the second half of 2020 filled with unforgettable memories and adventures!