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Is it cheaper to add a second car to your insurance policy?

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You just got the promotion you’ve been working towards, and you decide to buy a second vehicle—your dream car. Your son just turned 16, and you purchased him a his first car. You just moved to a home on 20 acres and opt to get a truck to work out in the field but keep your sedan as a daily driver. 


No matter your situation, you need insurance on any additional vehicles. So, do insurance premiums get cheaper when you add a second car to your insurance policies? The short answer is no, adding an additional vehicle to your account will increase the insurance premium you pay to insure a second vehicle.


However, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers multi-vehicle discounts that can help you save on your premium. For the situations above, and many other scenarios, the Multi-Car Discount can help you save money when you have two or more vehicles insured with the company.  


Saving money on insurance with a second vehicle


If you add a second vehicle, you may be eligible for various discounts with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. 


The Multi-Car Discount can help you save on your auto insurance premium. If you have more than two vehicles, you may be able to save even more! Below are additional Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance discounts that can help you save: 


How to add a second vehicle to your insurance policy 


You purchased the second vehicle; now what? There are a few different paths you can take depending on what situation you are in. Review the different options we provide below to figure out which path you would like to take after purchasing a second vehicle.  


Do you already have an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance auto insurance policy?  


If you already have an auto insurance policy at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, there are a couple of ways you can add your second vehicle to your existing account.  


One option is to contact your local Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent directly, and they can provide a quote for what your new total insurance premium will cost. They will also be able to walk you through any new or additional discounts you may be eligible to save with.  



Another way you can add a second vehicle is by logging in to your online account and adding your new vehicle there.  


Do you have an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance homeowners or renters insurance policy?  


If you have a homeowners or renters insurance policy with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance but don’t have an auto insurance policy yet, it’s time to get a quote. If you insure both your home and auto with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance you can save with our Multi-Line Discount. Use the link below to start the quote process today.  


Do you want to switch to Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance from another insurance carrier?  


Simply start today with our online quoting process. This process is quick and easy and will help you get an idea of what your policy will cost with two (or more) vehicles.  



Additional Questions: 


There is a lot of information available about auto insurance and other coverage options. We’ve got the answers to your questions!  


Can I insure two vehicles under the same name? 


Yes, you can insure two vehicles under the same named insured at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.  


How many vehicles can I insure under my name? 


There is not a limit on how many vehicles a person can insure under their name as long as they own the vehicle to be insured for personal use. If someone buys and sells cars frequently, there is a state mandated limit per month and year and could require a. dealer's license.  


Are there limits to how many drivers can be added to multi-car insurance policies? 


There is no true limit to how many drivers can be added to a multi-car insurance policy, other than the number of drivers in the household.  


Is having two vehicles on the same insurance policy cheaper? 


Because a single vehicle does not require additional coverage, the base price is less expensive with only one vehicle. However, adding additional vehicles can qualify you for the Multi-Car Discount which can help you save money on the total premium due when adding coverage for a second vehicle.  


Have additional questions on auto insurance? Check out the rest of our FAQs or contact an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent today and they can help get you on your way!