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Christmas safety tips while decorating this year

Young girl putting on a Christmas ornament on her Christmas tree while her mom is behind her smiling

Steps to safely decorate this Christmas season 


The Christmas season is right around the corner, which means many Hoosier are decorating for the holidays.  Before decorating for this year, you will want to read these helpful tips on how to safely decorate:  


  • Clear the room for your tree – Whether or not you have decided to put up a real or fake tree this year for Christmas, it is important to do so safely. Clear the room of miscellaneous items that someone could trip on while setting the tree up. Setting up the tree can be tedious, so make it go as smoothly as possible for you by clearing the way for the tree.  

  • Make sure the tree is not by any power outlets – While choosing where to set the tree up, make sure to pick an area of the room where there are no power outlets nearby. Not only should you keep the evergreen away from power outlets but keep the tree away from fireplaces and heaters, as these could be a fire hazard. Don’t forget to also check that your smoke alarms and fire extinguisher are in good working order.  

  • Get the whole family involved – Instead of putting up the Christmas decorations by yourself get your entire family involved by having them help with the lights, tinsel or additional decorations throughout your home. Wanting to add a personal touch to the tree this year? Research “easy DIY decorations” online and have an arts and crafts day with the family.  

  • Water your tree before it dries out – It may sound like a strange reminder but if you do purchase your Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm in Indiana you will want to make sure you keep it hydrated. Neglecting to water your tree could result in your Christmas tree drying up and becoming a fire hazard with all of the decorative lights around it. Nervous about forgetting to water your tree throughout the month? Consider setting a daily reminder on your phone or calendar to help you remember to water your tree. You may also try something new and create kid-friendly decorations and other handmade decorations to decorate with instead of using lights on the tree.  

  • No candles near the Christmas tree – If you love the smell of candles throughout your home make sure to keep these flames away from your Christmas tree. Don’t take a chance with kids, pets and clumsy family members and friends who could accidentally knock it over. Instead, practice Christmas safety and find a sturdy place to keep your candles where they can be supervised throughout the holiday season and beyond.  

  • Have kid-friendly decorations - Kids are high energy, but especially with the thought of Christmas around the corner. Make sure the decorations you choose to decorate with are kid-friendly and not breakable. Create your own kid-friendly decorations and take this chance to step away from Netflix and bond over sequins, glitter and glue!  

  • Have pets? Don’t put any food on the tree – We all love our pets, but we wouldn’t like our furry friends to create chaos by knocking down the tree while trying to reach the stringed popcorn decoration. Keep the food in the kitchen instead of on your tree this year to save you from a catastrophe.  


Best decorations in Indiana 


Indiana’s winter scene is worth taking the time to enjoy. Grab your family, pour hot chocolate into to-go mugs and pack into your car for a drive around town to view the lights and decorations.  


Take a trip downtown to Monument Circle to catch a glimpse of the famous lights.  Find a parking spot and bundle up to enjoy a walking tour around the circle to get a closer look at Indianapolis’ annual display.  


Safety during the holidays is always a number one priority for everyone, and during the pandemic it is highlighted more than ever. Christmas at the Zoo in Indianapolis is a perfect way to stay safe while enjoying your favorite time of the year. View some of the best decorations throughout the zoo, while also viewing some of your favorite animals.  


Wanting to extend your time in Indy and view more Christmas light in Indiana? Take a drive down Meridian Street and roll down your car windows to enjoy the wonderful and unique displays of lights on the historical homes.  


Here at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we understand how important time with family and friends is during the holiday season. Enjoy your loved ones and remember these safety tips and holiday decoration suggestions while you enjoy the holiday.  


*The information in this article was compiled from a variety of sources and is intended to provide helpful tips only.