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Best Christmas cookie recipe for you and your family

Young boy making cookies with cookie cutouts in the kitchen of his home

The holiday season is a time for making memories with your family and friends. Although our world looks a bit different this Christmas, that does not mean you need to stray from your annual traditions. It is also a great time to create a new tradition! So grab your apron, flour, and sugar and start baking the best Christmas cookie recipe.

If you do not know which Christmas cookie recipe you want to try this year, look no further. We have the best Christmas cookie recipe from My Fearless Kitchen ready for you to take on.

My Fearless Kitchen is your one-stop shop for incredible and unique recipes for both the experienced and novice cooks and bakers. The blog is home to recipes for every craving you may have this holiday season. Not only does the site have holiday recipes, but it has menu options for all year round. Get creative and try a new recipe now!


Best Christmas cookie recipe


The Peppermint Snowball Cookie recipe is your ticket to having the most delicious dessert this Christmas season. If you love the taste of peppermint, these cookies are perfect for you. This Christmas cookie is fun and easy to bake. Everyone loves the classic frosted sugar cookie for Christmas, but why not try something new this year with this peppermint overload cookie?

If you do plan to make this cookie with children around, make sure to crush the peppermints very finely to prevent any choking hazards. These little bites of deliciousness are an  eyecatcher. With little specks of peppermint flakes all around the cookies, they are sure to be gone in minutes.


Throw a safe Christmas cookie baking party


Want to try something new this year while having a safe holiday season? Get your family and friends together and host a virtual Christmas cookie baking party. Coordinate with everyone on a few recipes and bring everyone together virtually to create safe memories you will never forget.

How do you throw a safe Christmas cookie baking party? Simply set up a meeting on your computer with a time that works for everyone. Once you have the date and time picked, decide on cookie recipes you will all try together. Do not forget the My Fearless Kitchen’s Peppermint Snowball Cookie recipe when picking what cookies you will make.

Once you have the cookie recipes chosen, the date set and your ingredients purchased, you are ready to go! Have someone play Christmas music in the background to get everyone feeling the holiday spirit.

Hosting a Christmas cookie baking party is a wonderful way to stay in touch with those you care about and gives you a great excuse to bake wonderful treats.

Christmas 2020 is going to be one holiday you will never forget. Start a new tradition by hosting a Christmas cookie baking party this year or try the best Christmas cookie recipe! Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance wishes you a happy holiday season and encourages you to stay safe and create happy memories that will last you a lifetime.