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When you own a business, there are as many risks as there are rewards. Fortunately, our team of commercial field underwriters can protect you by tailoring an insurance policy that covers everything from auto and liability to property and workers compensation (as well as covering your company's buildings, your bodily injury and litigation expenses, and any loss of income resulting from temporary shutdowns). So, while the business world might be scary, your insurance policy won’t have to be.For more information, contact your local agent to discover what’s right for you



Business Owner's Policy


In addition to protecting your company's buildings and contents, a business owner’s policy from Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance could also cover the loss of income sustained when your business temporarily closes. Our policies include systems breakdown coverage, which covers the cost to repair or replace electrical, mechanical, or pressure systems equipment that breaks down. We also offer numerous other optional coverage to protect your business from such hazards as a data breach, employment practices liability, exterior signs, and much more.

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Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-Sell Agreements exist to ensure the family of a deceased business owner receives a fair value for their share of the business. A forced sale is prevented and surviving owners are able to retain control of the business without interference. Aside from family peace of mind, Buy-Sell Agreements provide employees with a sense of security that comes from maintained business continuity.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance can help cover the costs of a loss to your business, whether that’s damaged property that needs to be repaired or property that needs to be replaced due to fire, storm or vandalism, etc. Many companies that aren't properly insured have gone out of business after a severe loss. However, those that have appropriate commercial insurance are able to recover with minimal interruption or financial burden to their business. There are two types of commercial insurance: property and liability.

Key Employee Insurance

The death of a key employee can be as devastating to your business as the death of an owner. Key Employee Insurance is a unique policy that protects against the sudden loss of income that can occur after the death of a key employee. With Key Employee Insurance, the business becomes the owner and beneficiary of a policy that can provide life insurance benefits to the key employee's survivors and pay proceeds to the company income tax free (with exception to Alternative Minimum Tax). (Note: Premiums are not tax deductible.)



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