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10 insurance sales tips for new insurance agents

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Starting your first job or starting at a new company can be intimidating for anyone. There are new managers evaluating you and new expectations you need to meet in the job. Insurance falls into the category of a unique niche for professionals. Many people don’t understand what insurance is, how it can help or why they need it. Insurance agents specialize in educating their clients on these aspects and helping them find the coverage that fits their needs and those of their family.  


If you or someone you know is beginning their role as an insurance agent, transitioning from one company to another or starting a new career, these 10 insurance sales tips may be exactly what you need to have a positive start or restart to your insurance agent career.  


Top 10 insurance sales tips


Our insurance agents all have different backgrounds, ages and skillsets that they bring to the job every day. At our company we encourage individuals that are competitive, risk-taking, agile, social and engaging to put their skills to the test and consider becoming an insurance agent at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.   


Sometimes individuals that have these qualities come from other companies that haven’t taken the time to foster a relationship with their insurance agents or to work on their skillsets in order to help them grow into successful agents. At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we offer various programs that allow you to spend time with successful agents and directors, to get you where you want to be in the insurance world.  


These 10 tips will help you become a successful and knowledgeable insurance agent, no matter your level of expertise:    



  1.  Look and act like the professional you are– When meeting with a client in-person or virtually make sure to dress for the occasion. Don’t wear a t-shirt and ripped jeans, instead come in a professional outfit that shows that you care about who you are meeting with.  


  1. Be someone you would want to do business with – When meeting with a client pay attention to the way you carry yourself. Are you smiling? Do you look put together, or do you look like you were in a rush to get there? Take a deep breath and pull yourself together before meeting with someone to show you are a professional.    


  1. Listen before you speak – This sales 101 tip can separate you from being good and being great. Don’t get ahead of yourself, listen to what the client says before you answer and make sure you are present during the conversation. Don’t be distracted by looking off in the distance or at your cell phone or computer.  


  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare – Don’t show up to a meeting without preparing for it first. Know the names of your customers before you meet with them and make note of what their goals are for the meeting. If you have a meeting with a client or someone within your company, create an agenda that will help address every piece of information you would like to cover.  


  1. Surround yourself with great influencers for your career – Not everyone you know will do business with you, because of that you will need to extend your branches outside of your inner circle. By networking, you can find individuals that are on the same page and can offer you insight and advice. These individuals can serve as mentors or a strong support structure while building your career. 


  1. Don’t lead with price – As an insurance agent, your number one job when meeting with a client is to educate them on insurance and help them understand what coverages they need to keep them properly insured. Because of this, when beginning your conversation with a client don’t start with price; instead start with how you can help them develop an insurance program that they can rely on.  


  1. Emphasize the importance of insurance – Help your clients understand that insurance is not just a necessary evil – show the value of insurance and how it can help protect them when the unexpected happens. Think about it like this, if you went to a store to find your newborn baby a car seat, you are more concerned with the safety and quality of the car seat than the price. The chance of you actually buying the cheapest car seat is very low; instead, you want to find a decently priced car seat that you can trust to keep your baby safe. This is just like an insurance policy!    


  1. Cold calling is not dead – You must be able to pick up a phone to be successful in the world of insurance, and you must be proactive. The old-school rule that you should call people after 5 p.m. is not as prominent as it used to be, instead call customers during working hours. People want to do business during the day; once they get home people have after work activities that take priority over talking to an insurance agent.  


  1. Get comfortable with social media – If you want to build a brand for yourself, you have to be active online. Social media has grown and understanding how to leverage it for your business career is necessary. This does not mean posting a photo every month, you must engage and interact with individuals daily. Look into classes online or ask family and friends for tips on using social media.    


  1. The best way to build your business is through central influences and referrals – Don’t be afraid to ask your trusted friends and family to refer you to people they know. Growing your business begins with word of mouth and getting your name out there can help grow your book. Having a personal connection is a great way to establish credibility and help build your business. 



These 10 sales tips for insurance agents can help you on the journey to success. Interested in learning more about a career as an insurance agent? Reach out to us today to learn more!   

How to become an insurance agent?  


Do you think you need an insurance background to become an agent? Not at all. Throughout the years, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has had a vast array of insurance agents, with varying previous experience. Maybe you are a collegiate athlete, previous high school athlete or just someone who loves competition in any aspect in life, that just graduated and is looking for a job that will have a sense of purpose and competitiveness at every turn. Or maybe you were a previous insurance agent at another insurance company, and you are looking for a different feel to the job. Maybe you have found that you want a career change to a job that challenges you and highlights your people skills each day. No matter your background, our company believes that if you put your mind to it then you can become a successful insurance agent.   


Check out our career page for job listings and contact us if you have any questions or need guidance.   


What does Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offer new insurance agents? 


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance created a program called the Pacesetter Program to help with recruiting and developing a new age of insurance agents. We are looking for driven and ambitious individuals who have a desire to be successful.  


This program can give anyone, no matter your age, background or insurance experience, the chance to excel as an insurance agent at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. Very few insurance companies around offer this type of specialized program to help shape new professionals into confident individuals ready to serve people throughout Indiana and Ohio/the Midwest!