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Show gratitude to Indiana schools for Teacher Appreciation Week in May

Teacher and student with masks on elbow bumping in the classroom

When is Teacher Appreciation Week?  


Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7 this year. Our teachers have done a tremendous job adapting this past year, and we need to show our gratitude for all that they have done for us and our students.  


COVID-19 has shown everyone that life can have unexpected twists and turns, but if you stick together, you can find joy in the little things. School not only provides an education for our youth, but it also provides a safe haven and social outlet for many children. Teachers in our Indiana schools have shown resilience when it comes to change. Teachers everywhere had to learn how to teach virtually, half in class and half at home and in-person with safety guidelines and restrictions.  


Teachers everywhere deserve a big round of applause for their endless efforts to educate our students today and every day!  


How can I celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?  


There are many ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Words go a long way. Write your teachers a thank you card showing gratitude for all that they have done. Fill the card with pictures drawn by your students! A cartoon drawing of them with their students could be a great way to get teacher to smile. 


Does your teacher bring their favorite coffee or tea drink to class each morning? Give them a gift card to a local coffee shop so they can enjoy their favorite drink on you!  


Teacher Appreciation Week may begin May 3 and end May 7, but it is important to show appreciation toward your teachers every day. Parents, encourage your children to always thank their teachers. Not only does this teach good manners, but it shows your child just how much their teachers do for them!  

Donate to SENSE Charter School  


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance partners with SENSE Charter School located in Indianapolis. The school educates students from kindergarten to eighth grade. They are always looking for clothing and food donations to help the students and their families. Donating to SENSE is a generous way to show appreciation to teachers by supporting and providing for the students that they teach.  


Donate to Indiana schools 


There are many Indiana schools throughout the state, and they are always looking for donations of various kinds. Talk to your teachers, principals and student counselors to see if your local school is looking for donations. Support your local school and help students learn and teachers educate our future generation by your generous donations!  


Get involved in the IHSAA  


The Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. (IHSAA) is the home of Indiana high school sports! Sports get people together and teach social and real-world skills. Go online and check out how the IHSAA is involved in your high school. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has partnered with the IHSAA and is proud of all they do for our kids throughout Indiana.  


Show gratitude to all the teachers of your life this May!  


Not only do teachers work in schools, but parents, grandparents, legal guardians and other friends and family members that may have impacted your children can be teachers, too. Teacher Appreciation Week is this May, but make sure to show your appreciation every day for all that our teachers do!