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More than 3,400 Hoosiers now covered by INFB Health Plans

Man at a doctor's office with text by the man's head that reads, More than 3,400 lives covered and counting. Apply today!

During the first quarter that coverage was available, more than 1,200 Hoosiers signed up for Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) Health Plans.  

From Jan. 1 through March 31, 2021, INFB Health Plans signed 1,242 plan holders, which is on track to meet and may exceed the organization’s goal of 2,500 plans by the end of 2021. The current breakdown of coverage for those plan holders includes: 

  • 1,028 Traditional Health Plans, which includes both individual and family plans 

  • 54 Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans 

  • 160 dental and vision plans 

Those 1,242 plans provide coverage for more than 3,400 Hoosier lives.  


Hoosiers join Indiana Farm Bureau because of health plans benefit 


More than 35% of those applying to INFB Health Plans this year have reported joining INFB almost solely for the health plans, highlighting the need for more affordable, reliable health care in the ag community. 


Carrie Summers, of the Benjamin M. Summers Family Farm in Knox County, became an INFB member because of the health plans benefit.  


“The health plans offering was the reason we became members,” said Summers, who has a family plan with dental and vision benefits. "I am saving 50% on my premium now compared to what I was paying previously. I look forward to seeing the plans in the coming years so I can continue to recommend them to other farmers. It can break the bank to carry health insurance for the family so it’s nice there is a new option in our area.” 


Members across Indiana benefit from affordable coverage

Indiana Farm Bureau Map of health plans sold in the state of Indiana

INFB Health Plans recently released a data map (shown above) highlighting the number of policyholders in each county. The data reveals that members across the state, in both urban and rural areas, are taking advantage of INFB Health Plans.  


The top five counties are as follows: Hamilton (47), Knox (46), Jasper (41), Marion (30) and Hancock (30). 


What network does INFB Health Plans use? 


INFB Health Plans uses the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network, which means members are covered nationwide if the provider is part of the network. Good news for members -- 95% of doctors and hospitals are included in United’s nationwide network. 

Visit to look for a provider near you.  

How do I sign up for INFB Health Plans? 

For more information on INFB Health Plans, visit The website contains additional information about each plan and what makes INFB Health Plans unique.  

Call 1-888-964-0854 to get a comparison on the plans over the phone, or you can visit in person at your local Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance office today.