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All about Dollie’s Farm located in Franklin, IN

Dollie's farm with rainbow in the background


In Franklin, Indiana lies a six-generation farm known as Dollie’s Farm, home to rejuvenating lavender fields, gorgeous flower varieties ranging from daisies to tulips depending on the season and activities for individuals, families, wedding parties or a unique date with your loved one.  


Dollie and Gilbert Grose purchased the farm in the 1930s with the money they received from a smaller farm they previously owned. While raising their family on the farm it became a place filled with family, faith and fun for all who lived there. Dollie was known for her eggs, which she sold to raise the money she used to surprise her husband with additional acreage for their farm.  


Tricia Wilson, Dollie’s great granddaughter, grew up on the farm as a child. As Dollie grew older, Tricia’s family moved into the farmhouse with Dollie to help care for her who was 90 at the time.    


Tricia always had a love for flowers, she found herself planting a beautiful variety throughout her garden. Continuing Dollie’s legacy felt like something she not only wanted to do, but she was meant to do. 

Tricia and her husband, Tim, now own and operate the flower farm. The farm is over 80 acres, and the flower portion of the farm is in the middle of the massive property. Tricia’s mother owns a large portion of the farm as well.  

But how did Dollie’s Farm become Dollie’s Farm? In 2018, Tricia and Tim began growing lavender. Their plan for broad distribution of the lavender changed when they partnered with a chemical engineer skilled in creating natural skincare products with lavender.   

Growing lavender led to raising many more flower varieties, as well. Then, the farm was only missing a name.  


“Tim said, ‘We should name it Dollie’s to honor her for what she did for all of us.’ And that’s exactly what we called it!” Dollie’s Farm was born. 


Located on 3961 N 425 East in Franklin, Indiana, Dollie’s Farm features a five-acre lavender and u-pick flower farm, everyone at Dollie’s loves the chance to give you an experience that you will never forget.  


Dollie also loved raising chickens. Today, Tricia still keeps them on the farm, the hens, known lovingly as “Dollie’s Ladies” with a rooster named Gilbert after Tricia’s late great-grandfather. They offer a class for visitors to learn about the care and keeping of chickens. Visitors may also feed Dollie’s Ladies.   

Lavender with a church in the background

What can I do at Dollie’s Farm?  


“Family, faith and flowers is what we are all about,” Tricia said. “When people leave this driveway, we want them to feel blessed once they have left!”  


A day at Dollie’s Farm is not only filled with beautiful flowers and lavender, but it is filled with positivity and a chance to experience something unique from daily life. Tricia expressed that a day at Dollie’s is a chance for you to put down your technology and appreciate the earth around you. Tricia believes that “hands in the dirt can heal the heart.”  


Dollie’s Farm has 10 sections of 122-feet long and 6-feet wide rows of endless flowers and lavender. Offering many varieties of flowers, you, friends and family can pick a bouquet that is customized to your liking. Tricia explained that they created the rows the way they did so that families could walk together through the rows of flowers, rather than walking in a single file line.  


There are many activities that Dollie’s offers that includes:   


  • Lavender lush parties – Parties for a group to get together and try the many lavender products Dollie’s makes. 

  • Bouquet parties – Get a group together and personally pick at Dollie’s flowers and then learn from the farm’s designers how to arrange your flowers into bouquets to enjoy.   

  • Pick and paint – You pick flowers, create a bouquet with the help of Dollie’s florist and then an artist walks you through how to paint a picture of your beautiful bouquet—stroke by stroke.  

  • Home school trips – This opportunity gives children the chance to learn while experiencing something new and exciting. Sign up for the chicken class or learn more about lavender!  

  • Bloom clubs – This treat is offered if you live in Franklin or Whiteland, sign up and receive a fresh bouquet of flowers every week or twice a month.  

  • Summer Events – “Sunset and Sangrias”, dog days, lavender harvest extravaganza, daddy daughter dates, fall festival, yoga classes in the lavender fields, dusk at Dollie’s date nights and lavender sage wreath classes. 


Gift Bouquet with flowers and gift bag that says Dollie's Farm

When is the best time to visit Dollie’s Farm?  


Because Dollie’s hours of operations are dependent on how Mother Nature behaves from year to year, the time when Dollie’s opens and closes can vary. If you are curious to see if they are open, simply check their website or Facebook page to view the hours!  


Seasonal operations also depend on the weather. The start of the season can begin in mid-April when tulips, hyacinths and daffodils begin to bloom at the farm. Around the end of April, beginning of May is when Dollie’s closes for a few weeks waiting for the lavender fields to bloom. 


Around the first and second week of June is when the lavender fields begin to bloom, as well as all the other flowers throughout the farm. Check Dollie’s Facebook page for updates on when they are officially open in June! Daisies, poppies and yarrows all begin to bloom in the first of June. Dollie’s Farm closes out the year in October with pumpkins, fall flowers, 20 varieties of sunflowers and a festival to commemorate the season!  


Not only will Dollie’s give you a chance to pick up their wonderful lavender products or create a unique and hand-picked bouquet of flowers, but the trip will also give you a chance to spend a day at a family-operated farm that specializes in family and love. Take a trip to Dollie’s this year!