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Even Beginners Can Roast a Turkey

Little girl eating roasted turkey


True confession: My 8-year-old daughter dubbed me the “worst cook” in the “whole, wide world,” and my 4-year-old is still traumatized from a (minor) pan fire I started just last week. That said, I dream of the day that a home-cooked meal ends in rave reviews from my tiny humans—and no fires (or tears). So, in my pursuit of domestic mediocrity, I’m going to cook my very first Thanksgiving turkey this year. Let’s be honest, this may not go well.


How in the world do I cook a turkey? I’ve found that Marybeth Feutz, the blogger behind My Fearless Kitchen, provides some pretty great Top 10 Turkey Tips.


Now, in planning to prepare this turkey, I’m already learning quite a bit. For example, that sucker takes days to thaw and, I will need to remove some turkey bits from the inside of the turkey! What? That’s right. And, Marybeth also taught me all about what’s that stuff inside the turkey, too.


With these resources on board I’m looking forward to my first turkey, although I’m not sure I can say the same for my daughter. Whether it’s a hit or a tasteless piece of jerky, I’m thankful for the experience and ability to share it with my little family. Happy Thanksgiving!



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