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Top 10 Haunted Attractions in Indiana


Prepare to be scared. Calling all thrill-seekers young and old, Indiana has some of the scariest attractions for you and your friends this fall. From asylums to the classic haunted house, there is bound to be a spot that is guaranteed to have you sleeping with one eye open.


10. Stillwell Manor (Anderson)

In this all-indoor haunted experience you are taken back in time to when General Stillwell found his home occupied by ghosts. With three attractions under one roof, experience your true nightmares come to life.  There is more than 30,000 sq. ft. of scares, so you are guaranteed to have a scary time.


9. FriteLodge (Indianapolis)

After 10 years in operation, FriteLodge knows a thing or two about how to get under your skin; this haunting experience won’t be one you forget. Opening night is September 20, and this all-indoor attraction will leave you speechless.


8. House of Trepidation (Indianapolis)

House of Trepidation consists of three attractions that are unlike anything you have experienced before. The House of Trepidation, Crossroads of Carnage, and Purgatory are three attractions that have twists and turns that you will never expect. These indoor and outdoor stops are filled with original characters and new stories each year.


7. Criminally Insane (Crown Point)

Prepare to experience insanity around every corner at the Criminally Insane attraction in Crown Point. From jail tours to paranormal tours, the attractions will leave you shaking. Looking to entertain a party for a fall birthday? This haunted destination has the party option just for you.


6. Hysterium Haunted Asylum (Fort Wayne)

This asylum has been taken over by its haunted inhabitants, and you’ll have to escape before it drives you to insanity. The key is to get out while you still can, or else you may be reliving your worst nightmares for the rest of your life.


5. The Thirteenth Hour (Indianapolis)

This immersive, no-touch haunted attraction in Fountain Square is a classic in the haunted house world. Three separate haunted houses full of terror are sure to send chills down your spine. In this all-outdoor attraction, try not to run home.


4. Nightmare on Edgewood (Indianapolis)

The 41st season of this haunted attraction opens on September 20. With four main events throughout the park, the thrill of fear will be coursing throughout your body. You can experience indoor and outdoor attractions that continue to release new twists and turns. Be sure to check out the highly recommended and new Shadows Escape 3D audio sensory experience that you will love…or hate!


3. Tour of Terror (Hobart)

Yes, this is real. You can experience real hauntings while on the Tour of Terror in one of the country’s greatest landmarks, Nike Missile Base C-47. Within the 30-35 minute tour, you will be taken back in time and see for your own eyes if the urban legends are true. The minimum recommended age for this experience is 13, so be prepared to be scared.


2.  Fear Fair (Seymour)

This attraction that is filled with multiple sections will leave you breathless. Black Death, Rockford Riot, Ascension and Voodoo are what you will want to forget by the end of the night. With fear ranging in “high tech” attractions, to indoor and outdoor activities, the fun will feel like it never stops, though you’ll probably wish it would.


1. Haunted Hills Hospital (Lake Station)

Experiments gone wrong…the Haunted Hills Hospital is the stop between crazy and insane. The indoor attraction is open to all and will be a scare you may never forget. New updated designs each year will keep you coming back for more.

Check these haunted attractions and others throughout Indiana this scare season. Scare safely!