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A photo of a deer crossing the road in the middle of the day

Deer safety tips while driving in Indiana

According to Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources, there are more than 14,000 deer-vehicle collisions a year. Each accident varies in damage and severity. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s own Lexi McCain has personally experienced this unfortunate reality.
Man standing against his car looking down using his phone

5 tips for switching car insurance companies

When it comes to car insurance, most people only think about getting insurance for the very first time, but what people don’t realize is that sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need or want to switch auto insurance companies.
All about the Paid-Up Additions Rider in life insurance photo with father holding his daughter on his back while she is kissing him on the cheek

All about the Paid-Up Additions Rider in life insurance

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance now offers a Paid-Up Additions Rider on its Whole Life Insurance Policy. This added coverage offers a significant number of advantages to the policyholder. The best way to learn more about the offerings of a Paid-Up Additions Rider is by contacting your local insurance agent today.
A couple working out together in their living room

How to stay fit and healthy this fall season

With the change in weather, it may take some adjusting to the chillier mornings and crisp evenings. Those temperature drops can make it more challenging to exercise outdoors and much easier to get caught up in your favorite fleece blanket on the couch while watching your favorite Netflix show. Don’t let the cooler temperatures prevent you from staying fit and healthy this fall; instead use this time as an opportunity to challenge yourself or try something new!
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance employee with an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance community shirt on volunteering at Growing Places Indy

Growing together at Growing Places Indy

Early this fall, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s Law Division spent a Friday afternoon at Growing Places Indy located in downtown Indianapolis. The group spent several hours harvesting produce, weeding, cleaning and prepping garden beds and assisting Growing Places Indy staff in moving heavy items around the farm property.
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