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Photo of a cornfield in Indiana

Expect the unexpected

Discover how an agricultural education student from Purdue University landed an internship as a Farm Training Specialist at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. Learn about this paid internship program, farm safety initiatives, career development opportunity and more!
family outside in their farm with their chickens

All about livestock insurance

From dairy cows to sheep to hogs to goats, a myriad of livestock can be found on farms throughout Indiana. Livestock and livestock production are an integral and vital part of Indiana agriculture, and because of this, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance partners support livestock farmers by offering products and services to protect their animals.
A tractor in a field in Indiana that has cover crops and snow over it

What is a cover crop?

As fall turns to winter, the combines that have harvested the crops are tucked away in barns and the vast fields are empty until spring. But are they really empty? If you look across Indiana, you may not find the brown of plowed fields or harvested crops, instead you may find fields of green. That green field is the newest crop and tool that farmers are using today to help protect the environment and be more sustainable--cover crops.
Woman smiling on her balcony next to her herb garden

What are the benefits of urban agriculture?

Towering buildings, concrete sidewalks and asphalt streets are not typically what you think of when you think of farming and agriculture, but this is the environment in which one of the newest types of farming is happening: urban agriculture.
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