Paperless DiscountReceive a 5% discount on qualifying auto, home, and dwelling insurance policies and up to 5% on farm policies by signing up for paperless policy documents in Online Account Manager. In addition to saving money you can view your policy documents in an accessible electronic file 24/7 and reduce paper for greener living.

Full Payment Discount

Receive a 5% discount on eligible auto, home, and farm coverages by paying your premium in full prior to the policy term. If you pay your premium in installments, consider paying all at once to save money on your insurance premium.*
*This discount does not apply to mortgagee billed policies and will not reduce the farm policy premium below the minimum premium.

DriveTrenD® Discount

Receive a 5%* discount on qualifying auto insurance policies by participating in DriveTrend®, the telematics mobile solution from Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. The DriveTrend® mobile application provides information and feedback based on your driving habits. Talk to your agent or marketing associate to learn more.
* Limitations and restrictions apply.

Driver Education Discount

For eligible vehicle types, we offer a Driver Education Discount for drivers up to age 21 who complete a state-approved driver education course. If a young driver on your policy has completed a state-approved driver education course and provides signed evidence of successful course completion, he or she may be eligible for a 15% discount which applies to most coverage under that policy. Click here for more information on Indiana state-approved driver education providers.

Protective System Discount

Protect your home with the following and save: smoke alarm, burglar & fire alarms, dead-bolt locks and fire extinguishers.

Impact Resistant Roof Discount

Use of certain impact resistant roofing products may qualify you for policy premium discounts. Properties with roof surfaces meeting Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) Class 3 or Class 4 testing Standard 2218, Impact Standard for Impact Resistance of prepared roof covering materials, are eligible for a policy premium discount. Contact your Indiana Farm Bureau Agent if you are installing an impact resistant roof for more information on how you can certify your eligibility for this new discount. Click here for more information on how you can reduce risks from hail damage and for more information about Impact-resistant roofing.

Accident Free Discount

Depending on the number of years your auto policy has been continuously insured with us, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 30%. This discount also enables you to earn accident forgiveness protection.

New Business Discount

If your auto has been continuously insured with us less than three years and written in Tier 1, you may be eligible for a discount of 20%.

Anti-Lock Braking and Passive Restraint Safety Equipment Discounts

Vehicle safety discounts are available for eligible vehicles and automatically apply based on the vehicle's VIN.

Youthful Driver Discount

Auto policies with young drivers age 16-24 may be eligible for discounts to reward safe driving. The Youthful Driver Discount Enrollment form must be completed and signed to be considered for eligibility. Please click here to view the "Young Drivers: the High Risk Years" YouTube video produced by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
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Multi-Car Discounts

If you have two cars in your family you can save money by insuring both cars with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. If you have three or more cars, you can save even more.

Multi-Line Discounts

If Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance insures both your auto and your home, you can save 18% on your auto and 20% on your home or farm policy premiums. If we insure both your auto and motorcycle, along with your home or farm, you can save 18% on your motorcycle premium. If we also insure your Personal or Farm Umbrella Liability Policy,  you could save an additional 5% on your auto policy premium.

Top Scholar Discount

Youthful drivers who attain at least 2.95 cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent) in school may also qualify for a valuable discount.

Mature Driver Rates

If you are 45 years of age or older, lower rates may be available to you.

Farm Rate Program

Lower rates are available to farmers for vehicles that are principally garaged on a farm.

Agribusiness Discount

A 10% Agribusiness Discount on auto insurance premiums is available to employees of qualifying companies. See the list of qualifying companies here.Loyalty Discount

If you have had an in force Homeowners or Dwelling Policy with us for a minimum of one year, you could qualify to earn a Loyalty Discount. Then, the longer you have your continuously in force policy with us, the more your potential discounts can continue to grow.

Claims Experience Discount

If you have not had any recent claims, you could earn a Claims Experience Discount. The longer you continuously keep an in force Homeowners or Dwelling Policy with us and the fewer claims you have, the lower your rates could be.

Crop Hail Discount

A 10% discount will be given to any insured who has an active Rural Guardian policy with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

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Your annual membership provides everyone in the household (children to age 25) access to savings and discounts on purchases, travel, hotels, vehicle rentals, airport parking, theme parks, tickets to attractions and events, and more.

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