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A car that has a cracked windshield and in the distance a woman is on the phone looking stressed

Does car insurance cover a cracked windshield?

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | May 17, 2022

You’re driving on the highway, cruising along when suddenly a feeling of dread creeps over you. You have just heard a loud pinging sound on your windshield. Was that a rock? Immediately you scan the front windshield to inspect the damage.
Young man getting out of his car smiling

Top 5 things to consider when buying car insurance

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | Apr 11, 2022

When buying car insurance, there are several factors to consider. There are also some auto insurance discounts to consider. These tips can help you determine which coverage you need to help protect yourself.
Hand holding a cellphone that has DriveTrend dashboard on the screen of the phone

DriveTrend, saving money while driving smarter

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | Mar 16, 2022

DriveTrend is more than just an application that captures your driving habits; it is a way you can save up to 15% on your auto insurance policy by participating.
Girl standing by her car on the phone and the car has been rear-ended

If someone hit my car, whose insurance should I call?

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | Feb 4, 2022

Contact your insurance provider after a car accident, even if it was not your fault or the damage was minor. You should start the claim process as soon as possible for a speedy recovery.
Happy man smiling from inside the driver's seat in his vehicle

Liability insurance guide – 2022

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance | Jan 18, 2022

Drivers who operate motor vehicles in the state of Indiana should know about liability insurance. Liability auto insurance is required by law, but there is more to understanding this type of insurance.
Woman looking over paper and her laptop on information regarding insurance

Break down of the insurance quote process from an agent’s perspective

Cole Fesler, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Marion County | Jan 12, 2022

An insurance quote is a free review of your insurance coverage needs to estimate premium for the coverage. We look over all aspects of someone’s insurance profiles like insurance scores, loss history, and other individual needs.
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    How to get renters insurance in Indiana

    Purchasing a renters insurance can help save you money and time down the road. Learn from my college mistake and purchase a renters insurance policy today.
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