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The benefits of life insurance, from a dad’s perspective

Brad Loheide, manager of marketing & growth initiatives at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance talks about the importance of life insurance for his family and why he calls his policy the “Wedding Planner policy.”
All about the Paid-Up Additions Rider in life insurance photo with father holding his daughter on his back while she is kissing him on the cheek

All about the Paid-Up Additions Rider in life insurance

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance now offers a Paid-Up Additions Rider on its Whole Life Insurance Policy. This added coverage offers a significant number of advantages to the policyholder. The best way to learn more about the offerings of a Paid-Up Additions Rider is by contacting your local insurance agent today.
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Our life insurance measures in response to COVID-19

We processed more than 1200 claims during the pandemic to support Indiana residents. Read how the life insurance claims process has evolved over time and how our company helped and continues to help our fellow Hoosiers.
A family of four in their living room preparing for the unexpected

Be prepared this September for National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month! Across the country, communities and organizations are taking time to look at their ability to respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies, and here at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we play a major role in the preparedness of our member clients.
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The top 3 reasons life insurance is important for young adults

At 24 years of age, the last thing on my mind is life insurance. That even comes from someone who works in the insurance industry and knows how important life insurance is in a tough time.
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A personal take on why life insurance matters

When I was 36 years old, the only life insurance I had was the one you got free through work. I didn’t know much about it, and I certainly didn’t think I needed it. Then my mom died, and I learned first-hand why life insurance is so important.
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    Winter holidays and traditions celebrated all around the world!

    “Happy Holidays” is a phrase we often hear around this time of year but what does it really mean? The truth is it means something different to everyone. To some, it may mean “Merry Christmas”, to others it may mean “Happy Hanukkah” or “Happy Kwanzaa.”
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    Does my insurance cover damage from hitting a deer?

    Hitting a deer while driving is startling and nerve-racking. After all, hitting a deer often results in a lot of damage, including expensive repairs to your vehicle. But the most unsettling part of the situation is if you realize your insurance doesn’t cover it all.
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