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DriveTrend provides personalized feedback based on your driving habits. You get bragging rights + savings!


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Get an auto discount up to 15%* with the new version of our DriveTrend app.

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Get a 10% auto discount just for using the DriveTrend app, or up to 15% depending on your driving habits. * 

DriveTrend measures
four driving factors

Hard Braking

Avoid slamming your brakes and go easy on the gas. Not only is this good for your score, but it’s easier on your car, too!

Highway Speeding

Even though there are no red lights, watching your speed on the highway is important for everyone’s safety.

Late Night Driving

Try to limit the amount of trips between 12-4 a.m., especially on weekends, as visibility is lower during this time and roads can be more dangerous.

Local Speeding

Speeding is never good but speeding in busy areas could put pedestrians, cyclists and yourself at risk.

Have More Questions?

  • How do I download DriveTrend?
    After you register on OAM or speak to your agent, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the app.
  • Will my insurance premium go up or down based on my DriveTrend rating or how well that app says I drive?
    By participating in the DriveTrend program, you will earn a minimum 10% discount on your auto insurance premium. For renewals on or after 9/1/2021, active participants in the DriveTrend program will be able to earn a premium discount from 10% to 15%, based on their driving habits. 

More FAQs

I enrolled in DriveTrend, how do I get started?

After you download the app and complete the registration process, you are ready to participate in DriveTrend and begin recording trips and receiving feedback about your driving habits.


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  • Paperless Discount
    Go green and save 5% when you go paperless on qualifying auto policies
  • Multi-Line Discount
    More policies = more savings! Save up to 18% when we insure both your auto and home.
  • Accident-Free Discount
    Get rewarded for good driving whether you are a new client or have been with us for years.

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* Limitations and restrictions apply; the DriveTrend® discount, ranging from 10% to 15%, is based on your driving habits.

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