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Welcome to DriveTrend.


DriveTrend is an app for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance auto customers that provides personalized feedback on your driving habits. You can automatically save 15%* on your auto policy just for participating!


* Limitations and restrictions apply; the DriveTrend® discount, ranging from 10% to 15%, is based on your driving habits.

Start Saving

Start Saving with DriveTrend

To start saving with DriveTrend, talk to your agent or sign up in Online Account Manager.

To sign up online, select "Save with DriveTrend" under the vehicle you’d like on
your mobile device, or in the ‘I want to’ drop down on your desktop. Next, you’ll get an email with instructions to download the DriveTrend app to your phone.

Getting Registered

After you download the app, it’s time to complete the registration screen. When you register, please use the first name, last name and email address that matches your Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance auto policy. Once you’ve registered, you can start using the app!

DriveTrend registration
DriveTrend patterns

Learn Your Driving Patterns

The app needs to learn your driving patterns. For the first couple of weeks, you will be asked to confirm whether you are the driver of your trips. Please remember to check this in the app. If you were a passenger instead of the driver on a trip, you will need to find the trip and select "Ignore this trip, it wasn't mine" within 48 hours.

"Too Soon To Score"

At first, you may notice DriveTrend says “Too Soon To Score.” This is because the app is still gathering information about your driving habits. You will see your star rating after you have recorded several trips and the app has enough information to calculate your score.


Star Ratings

After 10-15 days, you should see your star rating. The rating is on a scale of 0-5 stars and is broken down by several attributes that may be viewed on the Score section of the Profile tab.


Be sure to check out the different pages of the app, such as the Achievements section of the Profile tab, where you can earn badges for your driving habits.



In the Leaderboard section of the app you can see how your DriveTrend score stacks up against other users in your household.

Keeping the Discount

If 60 days pass and you have not recorded a trip, you will receive an email reminding you to begin using the app again. If you are receiving this participation discount on your auto insurance, you will need to actively use the app to continue receiving this discount.



Check out the FAQ section by going to the Profile section of the app and selecting the Settings gear in the top left or contact DriveTrend support at (833) 380-0098.

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