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Will my insurance premium go up or down based on my DriveTrend rating or how well that app says I drive?
By participating in the DriveTrend program, you will earn a minimum 10% discount on your auto insurance premium. For renewals on or after 9/1/2021, active participants in the DriveTrend program will be able to earn a premium discount from 10% to 15%, based on their driving habits.

Who can add DriveTrend discount to auto policies in Online Account Manager?

At this time, you can add the DriveTrend discount in Online Account Manager only if you are the rated driver on the eligible auto policy.  As Online Account Manager is enhanced, you will be able to add this discount to all eligible auto policies in your account.  We will send you an email notification when this is available.


Will this app drain my battery?
No, but it largely depends on the phone make, model and age. In general, newer phones will experience much less battery drain from the DriveTrend app. 


How much of my data plan will the app use?         
The app is designed to minimize the amount of data that is transmitted both to and from your smartphone. Under normal usage, the data load per month is the equivalent of downloading 2-3 songs to your phone.


Why can't I find one of my trips?
Occasionally, the app will not record enough valid data to register as a trip. As a result, the trip will not show up in your newsfeed or trip history. This usually happens when a trip is too short to provide meaningful amounts of data, location-based services are disabled on the phone settings or the cell service is interrupted causing the GPS to lose the signal.


Why is the distance reported for a trip inaccurate?
GPS accuracy can fluctuate throughout a trip. A portion of the trip could have had poor GPS accuracy which may affect the data calculations. Also, since the app is detecting trips automatically, it may miss the first few hundred yards of a trip.


Is there a setting to help manage battery drain?
To prevent the app from draining your battery completely, a function is built in to terminate the app when your battery reaches a certain level. You can review and adjust this level in the Settings under Power Management / Battery Saver; select the threshold at which the app is deactivated by selecting the “Battery Saver” setting.


What does "Leaderboard" mean?
The leaderboard compares your driving with others in your household.


How can I correct a trip that I marked as "Driver" (or was assumed to be the driver) when I was really the passenger?
Within 48 hours after a trip has been verified, it can be changed by going to the trips menu, finding the trip summary and selecting "Ignore this trip, it wasn’t me."


The speed limit isn't correct for a section of a road. How do I get this corrected?
To report an incorrect speed limit within the app, navigate to the trip in which the speeding event was indicated and then click on the speed indicator icon; from there click on the link titled “Report invalid speed limit'”  Follow the prompts to report the issue. 


Can I lose my DriveTrend discount?
You will lose your discount if you delete the app or end your participation in the program. If you no longer want to participate or have questions about the discount, contact our Customer Service Center at (833) 380-0098.


Is my score only a reflection of how well I drive?
No. The score is a combination of your driving habits, as well as other factors such as when you drive and the types of roads on which you drive.


What are the requirements for creating a password?
Password must be at least 8 characters in length; must contain at least 3 of the following: uppercase, lowercase, number, or special character; and must not contain your first name, last name, or email.


What constitutes as local speeding vs. highway speeding?
Local speeding is logged when the speed limit is 50 mph or below. Highway speeding is logged when the speed limit is 55 mph or above.


Where do I go if I have other questions or need help with the DriveTrend app?

For help with the DriveTrend app, contact DriveTrend support at (833) 380-0098 or reach us via our website.



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