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Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers flexibility to manage your account online or on our new app

Woman holding a cup of coffee and her mobile phone with the Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance app open on the phone

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers an online customer account experience that allows policyholders to access and update account details, and we continue to enhance its functionality. Not only are we excited to announce that we have made improvements to the online system, but we now offer an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance app for your mobile phone to help manage your account at your fingertips. Broadening our customer service options gives you, the customer, easy access to your insurance information and self-service options in the manner you prefer.  

In our technology-based world, we recognize that clients want questions answered and problems solved as quickly as possible. Early in our online account system’s development, the first feature allowed paperless policy documents for auto policies. This allowed for clients to view their policy documents online while also allowing them to save when they enroll by receiving our Paperless Discount.  

As our online account and app’s functionality continued to grow, we saw easier and faster ways for customers to get what they need through this online portal. Clients not only can view policy documents, but they can also update account information, make payments, and report claims. As a company, we strive to continually improve our digital tools to enable Hoosiers to do business with us the way they prefer.   

Features here, features there, features everywhere. 

We want to offer the self-service features that are most valuable to you. For the past few years, we have surveyed our customers about their experience managing their accounts online. We reviewed those survey results and planned our new features based upon that feedback. 

In 2021, we will roll out some additional enhancements to further broaden our online capabilities: 

  • Paperless delivery for property and casualty policy documents, life insurance policy documents and invoices.  

  • View and easily store your auto ID card — If you are logging into your online account on a mobile device, you can view and store your auto ID card on your phone. No need to print it unless you want to. 

  • Life and annuity policy details — You can view additional information about your life and annuity policy online. 

Here are a few highlights of our mobile app features:  

  • Make a payment —You can save a payment method (credit card or bank account) and use it to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments. You can also customize your reoccurring payment by determining when the payment will be made.  
  • We accept — Visa, MasterCard and Discover for credit card payments.  
  • View or change a beneficiary — You can view all beneficiary information for life and annuity policies in your online account. Instead of completing a paper form to make a beneficiary change, you can make the change online. It’s a secure process with an extra layer of security.  
  • Text alert options — There are multiple text alert options available. You can customize which alerts you would like to turn on or off. 

  • Customer information — You can keep your information up-to-date by updating phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses.  

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) changes — You can make changes to their existing EFT deduction. These changes include a change of deduction date and a change of financial institution. No need for extra paperwork or doing these changes only during business hours.  

  • Register for DriveTrend — You can now enroll in DriveTrend and eligible clients will receive a discount on your auto policy. DriveTrend has a mobile app that provides feedback on your driving habits.  You can download the DriveTrend app on your Apple or Android device online. Click here to learn more

  • Report an auto or homeowners claim — In the unfortunate event that you have a claim, you can log into your account and report. We have an easy process that we guide you through and allow you to provide information about your claim. You are then immediately assigned a claims representative.   

  • Track your auto or homeowners claim — The claims detail section of your account will show an overview of each claim along with additional information, such as claims representative contact information, claim status, payments that have been made and some claims documents such as estimates. In addition, you can choose to turn on paperless claims documents or claims text alerts. You can customize the claims notifications that you would like to receive.   

Download the Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance app  

Our newest feature is a mobile app. In just a few steps, you can save the mobile app to your smartphone home page. It is a shortcut to access your account. When you log into the mobile app it allows users to: 

  • Make a payment 

  • Report a claim 

  • View your auto ID card  

  • Access roadside assistance  

Do you want to download the app right now? Scan the QR code below to download the Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance app today!  

QR Code to access the Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance app from

Saving money and going green(er). 

Did you know we offer a 5%*  discount on auto, home and farm policies if you choose paperless delivery of your policy documents? It’s true, we do! The discount is automatically applied to your policies once you sign up for an online account and choose paperless.  

We also offer paperless delivery for other policy types such as commercial, umbrella, life and annuity, including paperless delivery of your invoices. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a discount for these policy types, but you are doing your part to save the trees.  

Customer choice—Do what you want, how you want to do it. 

We have outlined many of the features in managing your account online to really hit one point home: you have a choice about which features you want to use.  


Not interested in paperless invoices?  


No problem. You can choose to get them delivered via U.S. Postal Service.  


Text alerts? 


You would like text alerts for invoices and billing reminders, but not policy documents? No problem. You can pick and choose the text alerts that are right for you.  


Do you want to sign up to manage your account online?  

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

Signing up for managing your account online is an easy and quick process. If you haven’t signed up yet, register a new account now. Grab your last policy declarations or invoice; you will need some of the information shown on either of those documents to complete registration.  

Already have an account? 

If you have signed up for an online account, then you can access your account here.  

* Limitations and restrictions apply.