Additional Policies

Options to protect your business.



Church Policy


Let us help protect your religious organization with a customized policy that can provide:

  • Protection for your organization against accidental bodily injury or property damage claims
  • Liability coverage protecting officers, clergy, employees, members or volunteers
  • Property damage coverage for your main and auxiliary buildings

Key Employee


Key employees are vital to your business’ operations; in the event of a death or terminal illness of a key individual we can provide:

  • Compensation to the company for the potential financial loss of the key employee
  • Income tax-free* cash, available to help assure internal functionality and offset any business losses that may occur 
  • Customized policy options that shape to your business’ needs

Buy-Sell Agreements


You and your partner(s) invested time and effort into your business; in the event of a partner’s death we can help by:

  • Aiding with a smooth transition of ownership to the surviving partner(s)
  • Guaranteeing in advance that there is a willing buyer and willing seller with a predetermined price for the business
  • Providing an orderly transfer of business interest from the deceased partner to the surviving partner

Employee Enhancement Program


Better compensate and retain employees with additional insurance protection by knowing your options:

  • Offer your hardworking employee(s) an additional insurance policy purchased on a tax-deductible* basis
  • Accumulating cash values can assist with an employee's emergencies, retirement or other financial needs
  • Provide income tax-free* proceeds directly to your employee's beneficiaries in the event of their death 

* Based on current tax laws

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