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What is comprehensive insurance and does car insurance cover theft?

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No one wants or expects to experience car theft, but it is important to be prepared and understand  if their insurance covers theft. The answer to the question of whether or not your car insurance covers theft is dependent on the policy type you have and the terms and conditions within that policy.  


Your car insurance may cover theft of the car. However, if there is personal property in the car that is stolen that is not covered under your auto insurance policy, it may be covered by  your homeowners or renters insurance.  



What is comprehensive auto insurance? 


Comprehensive auto insurance is the type of coverage that can help pay for the replacement or repairs of your vehicle if it’s stolen or has non-collision damage. At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance this type of coverage is called other than collision coverage.  


What is covered under comprehensive coverage? 


There are many things that are covered under the comprehensive coverage of most policies. Some of these include:  


  • Theft 

  • Vandalism  

  • Hail, water or flood  

  • Windstorm 

  • Contact with an animal, such as a deer  

  • Glass breakage  


Although this may seem like an extensive list, there may be other items that are covered with comprehensive coverage. The best way to know for sure what your car insurance covers is by speaking with your agent to review your policy’s coverages and limitations.  



What does comprehensive auto insurance not cover? 


Here is a short list of items that are not covered by your comprehensive auto insurance policy:  


  • Bodily injury liability and property damage liability 

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists  

  • Medical expenses after an accident for you and/or your passenger(s) 

Liability coverage vs. Comprehensive coverage 


Liability insurance is the most basic auto insurance policy that an insurance company can offer. Liability coverage includes bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Liability insurance is also legally required in the state of Indiana. 


Bodily injury liability can help pay for medical expenses and related to damages, within the policy limits, if an insured causes an accident which injures another person. Property damage liability can help pay within your policy’s limits, for property damage to other vehicles that arises from the use of your car, if it carries this coverage. But, liability coverage does not cover theft of your own vehicle.  


If you want to purchase a policy that covers theft of your vehicle, you will need to purchase comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage can be bundled with other types of coverage, like collision. But if you purchase comprehensive coverage, know that it can provide coverage if your car is stolen or is damaged after being broken into.  


Report an auto insurance claim  


Filing an auto insurance claim is easy. Before you file your auto claim you’ll want to make sure you have this information readily available that will be helpful during the claims process:  


  • Policy number  

  • Date, location and description of the accident  

  • Year, make and model of vehicles involved 

  • Names of everyone involved in the accident, including any witnesses 

  • Description of any injuries  

  • Home, work and cell phone numbers  

  • Responding police department and accident report information 


Once you have collected the above information, you will be ready to file your claim. You can file your auto claim with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance by accessing your account online and submitting your claim there or by calling the customer service center 24/7 at 1-800-723-3276. 



After you file a claim, a claims representative will reach out to you to obtain additional information. They may also investigate to learn more about what occurred and obtain the needed details that pertain to the accident.  




Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding comprehensive coverage. If you have more questions, visit the FAQ page or contact an insurance agent today.    


Does comprehensive coverage cover hitting a deer?  


Indiana is well known for its deer population. You can be driving along when suddenly, a deer runs out in front of you. If you were to hit a deer (or another animal) and damage your car, you can file a claim. That damage may be covered by the comprehensive coverage you purchased for your covered auto.  


If you do hit a deer or another animal while driving and would like to submit a claim, make sure to take photos of the damage to help show proof of what happened.  


Does comprehensive coverage cover someone stealing my car?  


If one day you wake up and go outside to leave for work and realize your car has been stolen, chances are you will want to submit a claim to cover that loss. The good news is that comprehensive coverage can cover someone stealing your car. Theft of a vehicle falls under the category of what is covered under that specific policy coverage.  


Does comprehensive coverage cover hail?  


Indiana has a tumultuous storm season. When hail the size of golf balls falls from the sky on your brand-new automobile, chances are that you will also have tears the size of golf balls falling from your eyes simultaneously because of the panic you are feeling.  


Luckily for you, most comprehensive policies do cover damage from hail. The best way to know for sure is by talking with your agent to find out if you need to purchase additional coverage to cover hail damage.  


How to prevent car theft 


During the pandemic, Dusty Wilhite, agency owner in Gibson County, talked about the top five tips to prevent theft during quarantine. Although the days of quarantining are over, the tips are still valuable to follow on a normal basis.  


Other ways to help prevent theft include: 


  • Don’t leave valuables in the car 

  • Close the windows of a parked vehicle 

  • Park in a well-lit area  

  • Install or place a tracker somewhere hidden in your car  


Car theft can result in an incredibly stressful situation, but if you purchase an auto insurance policy that covers theft you will not have to worry as much if the unexpected happens to you. Make it easy and get a free quote online today for an auto insurance policy and get the coverage you need in Indiana.