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5 tips to prevent theft during quarantine

Woman manually locking door to the driver's side of the car


I’ve received a couple of small theft insurance claims since quarantine and want to help Hoosiers avoid becoming a victim of theft. I would like to share a couple of helpful tips and emphasize the importance of staying vigilant in protecting your personal property.


  • Lock the doors to your house, condo, apartment and/or garages and outbuildings even if you live out in the country…even if you have ALWAYS left them unlocked, lock them.
  • Lock your car, truck and van doors. Don’t leave valuables like a purse, laptop, etc. in the front or back seat of your car where people can see them.
  • If you are a contractor, do not leave your tools and equipment in the bed of your truck. Lock them up when you aren’t using them, and don’t forget to lock and secure enclosed trailers.
  • Do not post the new TV, gaming system or other expensive purchases on social media for the world to see.
  • Consider installing a home security system. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers a Protective System Discount if you protect your home with qualifying safety devices and services.


At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we want to keep you safe from the unexpected. Theft is unpredictable, but these useful tips may help prevent a future loss. Take care and continue to stay safe.