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Top 5 renters insurance buying tips

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Buying renters insurance is a stress-free endeavor at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. One of our insurance agents can guide you through the process and help you create a policy that fits your needs.  



Renters insurance is an insurance policy that can protect you and your belongings if you are renting. A renters insurance policy, or HO-4 policy,  focuses on what is inside the dwelling and not the dwelling itself.  


Although purchasing a renters insurance policy is not legally required, there are many property owners and rental complexes that do require it. The safe thing to do before renting an apartment or home is to ask if a renters insurance policy is required so you can have that taken care of right away.  


Top 5 tips for buying renters insurance  


There are a few things you need to know before you purchase renters insurance in Indiana. These four tips will help guide you through the process and give you more information about a renters insurance policy.  


1. What does renters insurance cover? 

  • A basic renters insurance policy covers personal property that can include personal belongings in your rented home. These belongings may include electronics, furniture, clothing and various other valuables. If you want additional coverage for items that are not covered by the standard policy, then you can purchase additional endorsements for your policy.  


2. What doesn’t renters insurance cover? 

  • Depending on your policy there can be items or damage to the rental that is not covered because the cause is not a covered peril in the policy. Losses due to earthquakes, water damage due to flood, power failure, neglect, wars or intentional losses are usually not covered by a basic policy. If you still want more clarification about what is and is not covered in a renters policy, contact a local insurance agent today.  


3. How much renters insurance do you need? 

  • Find out how much renters insurance you need by using our renters insurance calculator. This will help show you a quick estimate of how much coverage you need based on your belongings, where you live and other information that impacts the premium of a renters policy.  

    renters insurance calculator

4. Get a free renters insurance quote

  • If you are curious to see how much your coverage will cost at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, you can get a quick and easy renters insurance quote online. You can even purchase online or contact an agent for assistance.  


5. We can help with your insurance policy.

  • Purchasing a policy with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is a team effort. Our local insurance agents can help guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible.  


How to get renters insurance  


At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, the process to get a renters insurance policy is as simple as 1,2,3.  


  1. Get a free quote online or purchase online.  

  1. One of our insurance agents will follow up on your online quote.  

  1. The agent will walk you through your coverage options and create a customized policy that fits your insurance needs.  


It’s that simple!  




Who needs renters insurance?

You will need a renters insurance policy if you are renting an apartment or a home and your landlord or apartment complex requires renters insurance. Although some landlords and apartment complexes don’t require renters insurance, it is still a smart thing to have if you want to protect yourself and your belongings.  

Is renters insurance worth it?

The average amount a basic policy costs at Indiana Farm Bureau is between $8.70-$16.30/month.* This amount can fluctuate based on your belongings and other factors. If something happens to your belongings, the chances are that it will cost more to replace those items without insurance than it would be with. Don’t take that chance, purchase a renters insurance policy today.  


Is renters insurance required by law?

Renters insurance is not required by law, but some landlords and apartment complexes do require their tenants to show proof of renters insurance prior to moving in.  


How to save on renters insurance policy?

You can save up to 23% on a renters insurance policy by bundling your auto insurance and renters insurance at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance with the Multi-Line Discount. You can also save with a variety of discounts, such as the Full Payment Discount and Paperless Discount.  

How to file a renters insurance claim?

If you are a current Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance policyholder and would like to file a renters insurance claim you can do it online or by contacting your local insurance agent today.  


Renters insurance is an important policy to have if you are renting an apartment or home and want to protect yourself, your guests and your belongings from the unexpected.  


*Contact Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance for more details. Rates are estimated, subject to change and based on insurance scoring.