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DriveTrend, saving money while driving smarter


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is more than just an application that captures your driving habits. Get a 10% auto discount just for using the DriveTrend app, or up to 15% depending on your driving habits.* Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance values providing you with quality customer service and, when we can offer you a discount, it makes it even better. You can start saving with DriveTrend by talking to your agent or by signing up in our online account managing portal now.


Our company has been working on DriveTrend since piloting the application in 2016. While DriveTrend was available to our clients beginning in 2017, the product has continued to improve and evolve since that time. From a company standpoint, one of the goals of DriveTrend was to help customers understand how they can become better drivers based on the feedback they receive from the app. For others, it’s a chance to compete with their family members for the best driving score in the household.


Marion County Agent Jon Sartain shared feedback he received on DriveTrend. “My clients with teenagers are able to use the application as a game to see who can get the best score,” he said. “It’s a great way to have some family fun while learning and improving driving habits. It is also a very nice way to save on premium, too.”


Recently, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance sent out surveys to current DriveTrend users, current DriveTrend users who have signed up in the past six months and former DriveTrend users. We received a total of 532 responses filled with helpful feedback. Specifically, one survey showed that about 40% of the current DriveTrend users either strongly agree or somewhat agree that DriveTrend has improved their driving habits. Although participating in DriveTrend can save you money, it can also enhance the safety of you and your family’s driving habits.


We are pleased to have this mobile application up and running. Our hope is to continue to improve the features and capabilities within the app over time. The time to start saving is now; call your agent, sign up in our online account management center or you can find more information on the DriveTrend webpage. 

* Limitations and restrictions apply; the DriveTrend® discount, ranging from 10% to 15% based on your driving habits, applies to eligible policies issued or renewed on or after 9/1/2021.