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5 tips for switching car insurance companies

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When it comes to car insurance, most people only think about getting insurance for the very first time, but what people don’t realize is that sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need or want to switch auto insurance companies. 


Maybe you are moving to a new city or state, shopping for better coverage, purchasing a new vehicle or maybe you are adding a teen driver—these are all reasons you may want to change your insurance. If your life circumstances change, then evaluating your insurance is a smart move to protect your finances, but also to refresh your knowledge on your current or new policy.  


Switching your auto insurance provider can be a simple task if you have tips on how to do so. That is why we created this guide of five helpful tips for changing your car insurance provider. If you don’t currently have car insurance with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, consider getting a free online quote today. You can even purchase a policy online! 



Interested in speaking directly with one of our local agents? We have agents in every county in Indiana. A local and trusted insurance agent can assist you during the quote process and ensure you have the best coverage and discounts available. 



When to switch your car insurance company?  


A good time to shop around for new car insurance is one month before your current policy expires. If you want to switch to Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, you have a few easy options—get a quote and purchase online, as well as work with a local agent. An agent can help you select the coverage options that you need for your own peace of mind. Our local agents can walk you through different levels of coverage and customize a policy that fits your lifestyle.  


Another reason why it is important to shop around before your policy expires is because Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers an Advance Quote Discount for new customers who have active vehicle insurance coverage. New customers who purchase a personal auto policy based on a premium quote that is requested seven or more days before their current auto policy’s expiration date may be eligible to receive this discount.  


5 helpful tips when changing car insurance providers 


Here are five helpful tips when it comes to changing car insurance providers. Remember that every situation is unique, so if you have questions contact an insurance agent to clarify anything you are unsure of.  


  1. Understand the insurance coverage options and discounts that are available to you. That means doing research on the company you are looking to switch to and asking questions about what coverage options and discounts may work best for you and your situation. Insurance agents are there to help you create a policy that is customized to your needs.   

  1. Assess the possibility of potential penalties or refunds. Sometimes penalties can occur if you decide to switch insurance companies before your policy expires. It is important that when you switch insurance companies you check the timing of switching. In some cases, before your new policy starts, you may get a refund if you have made your monthly installment payment.  

  1. Contact your current insurance provider. Make sure that you contact your current insurance company when you change insurance providers to ensure that your policy will cancel when your new policy is active. That way, you are not paying twice for your insurance or going without coverage.  

  1. Research the new company. Looking at other insurance companies’ financial strength before you decide to switch is important. You want to feel comfortable that the company will be able to pay for a loss if one were to occur. Ask questions when looking at other insurance companies. Insurance agents are licensed professionals that can help you decide what coverages best fit your needs and budget. You will also want to ask about what discounts the insurance company offers to make sure you get all the discounts that you qualify for. Request a quote online or by speaking with a licensed insurance agent – the process is easy and streamlined. 

  1. Make sure there is no lapse in coverage. It is important to keep your insurance coverage active by paying the premiums on time. Many companies look at a client’s “insurance history” and charge higher rates for people that have had lapses in their insurance coverage. But what happens if your car insurance lapses? Read more about how to prevent and what to do if your car insurance lapses.  



Additional tips: 


  1. Make sure you cancel your old policy since you may get any unused premium that you have paid returned to you.  

  1. Keep your proof of insurance handy. When you purchase a new policy, you will have an auto insurance ID card. You will want to be sure to download the mobile app to view a digital copy or print a hard copy to stash in your vehicle. If you were to get into an accident or get pulled over, proof of insurance is one thing you will need.

  2.  Ask for available discounts. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers many discounts on eligible auto insurance policies. In addition, our company offers discounts when you bundle your auto with home or renters insurance with the Multi-Line Discount. With this discount, policyholders can save up to 23% on their insurance premiums when you bundle certain insurance policies. 





Do you, like so many other drivers, have questions about car insurance? Below are a few common frequently asked questions that our agents receive from about car insurance. If you have additional questions, visit our FAQ page or contact a local insurance agent today.  


Can I switch car insurance in the middle of my policy term?  


You can switch car insurance at any time, but you want to make sure that you do not cancel your current policy before your new one starts. Switching car insurance before your policy expires can lead to more savings on your new insurance since some companies, including Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, offer a discount on advanced quoting for people that plan ahead before their insurance expires rather than switching insurance at the last minute.  


Does it cost to switch car insurance?  


It will only cost you time to switch. However, even if you shop for car insurance and do not switch, it is still good to see what other insurance professionals say and learn about the products, service and coverage options available. 


Is It bad to switch insurance companies?  


Data shows that people that switch their car insurance a lot tend to pay more for their car insurance than those that do not switch often. Those clients that stay with a company for several years show a pattern of responsibility in their payment behavior—and in some cases, can receive a loyalty discount. 


Contacting an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance professional is the first step in learning what coverage options are available. In most cases, the process is simple and streamlined. You can also get a quote or purchase online without speaking with an agent. If you are looking to switch your car insurance to Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, you can rest assured that you can select the proper coverage for your insurance needs, complemented with exemplary customer and claims service. 


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