A policy that pays you back.

Return of Premium Life Insurance

A policy that pays you back.

What's right for me?

How can I use Return of Premium life insurance?

How can I use Return of Premium life insurance?


Coverage that is adaptable to meet your changing needs. At the end of your 20 or 30 year policy term you can:

  • get your premium back,
  • select to have a paid-up life insurance policy,
  • or a combination of both.

Living Benefits

  • If you surrender the policy at the end of your policy term, you are guaranteed to receive your annual premiums back, income tax free.*
  • When your policy term is up, if you wish to continue life insurance protection, you can select a reduced paid-up insurance policy and no further premium will be required. Or, continue the policy with premiums that increase annually.
  • Or, you could choose a combination.  Use half of the cash surrender value to select a reduced paid-up life insurance policy and receive the other half tax free.*
Living Benefits
Income Protection

Income Protection

  • In the event you pass away, your loved ones will receive the life insurance proceeds income tax free.*
  • The premium is level and guaranteed not to change for the 20 or 30 year term period.
  • The return of premium term allows you to determine when and how you want to use your life insurance policy.
* Based on current tax laws
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