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When severe weather strikes, we're here to help

An Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance claims representative looks at the devastation left by a tornado in Martinsville.


A month later, many Hoosiers are still grappling with the devastation left by the March 31 storm systems and tornadoes. Sullivan, Johnson, Clinton and Morgan counties received the brunt of the storm and sadly, many lost all their possessions and their home; five Hoosiers lost their lives.


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance claims representatives were immediately deployed to the affected areas after the storms and customer service center representatives spent long days assisting clients on claims reports.


“It’s hard to see this type of devastation and take a step back to remain objective and not get too emotional,” said Jim Dunn, property specialist. “Their house may need to be rebuilt from the ground up, but right now, do they have a safe place to stay tonight, are they able to have a good meal, do they need clothing? I’m there to help them get back on their feet in the long run, but also in that moment.”


Property Specialist Joey Davidson reaffirmed that notion in an interview with Terre Haute’s WTHI-TV 10. He said he and his fellow claims adjusters always check for immediate needs. “It’s not a list [of belongings] right at the beginning, it is just, ‘what do you need?’”


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance client Amy Murdock told WTHI-TV 10, "We really haven't had to think about it too much because [Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance] has taken care of it for us.”


It isn’t just the claims representatives that get to help. Local employees opened offices on the weekend, others helped serve meals or handed out supplies. Some even got down and dirty, helping clients where they were. Amy Roller from the Public Relations & Communications Department accompanied Dunn to several claim sites in Johnson and Morgan counties. At one home the power had just been restored after several days.


“I was talking with the homeowner when his wife walked up with a suitcase full of food,” Roller said. “She had just returned from their son’s home and were ‘moving’ back in. I spent the rest of the appointment carrying in groceries and staples from the car, removing storm debris from the kitchen counters, helping her restock the refrigerator and freezer and just keeping her company and listening while she talked.”


For many, rebuilding will be a long road, but we are pleased to have offered quick claims payments to assist our clients on that road to recovery.


An Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance claims representative talks with a client. In the background a tree is lying on a crushed car.

Severe weather preparedness tips and more

Spring storms in Indiana are unpredictable, which is why it’s important to have a safety plan for you and your family. Whether it is cutting down dead trees on your property, having an emergency kit at home or having an evacuation safety plan, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers many tips for storm preparedness.


What to do after severe weather strikes


What happens when disaster strikes? Being the victim of a disaster is emotionally, physically and financially stressful. Our company is a proud partner of The American Red Cross and teamed up to prepare step-by-step instructions to help you following a disaster.  This booklet will help keep you safe and speed up your recovery after a disaster.


In Indiana, severe storms are part of our world. Though they are unpredictable, you can count on another storm system coming through at some point. There are resources available to help you prepare before the fact and to help you on the road to recovery. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is there for you every step of the way; after the unexpected, expect us.


An Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance claims representative stands in the yard of a home destroyed by a tornado in Sullivan, Indiana. In the foreground there is an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance yard sign that says

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