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Top tips to help you stay active

Family of four riding their bikes on a brick path with helmets on

We all know what exercise is and the important impact it has on our health. We also know that sometimes life gets busy, and the weather doesn’t always cooperate with your exercise plans! This is when “mindful movement" becomes so important. Mindful movement is an activity or movement done with awareness of your body.  


Examples of these can be parking in the farthest parking spot at work, taking the stairs, doing squats before bed every night, meditating for 10 minutes in the morning, etc. Making sure that your mindful movement isn’t weather or temperature dependent and can be done all year round is essential. 


Top tips to keep in mind   


  • Find an accountability partner – An accountability partner is someone you can trust to keep you on top of things when situations become tough. 

  • Encourage yourself to stay on track with other areas of your health such as your nutrition – Try new recipes, crockpot meals or look up fresh produce that is in season during a particular time of year. 

  • Find a coworker or friend to team up with during the workday – You both can hold each other accountable and take a break during your day to walk around the office or neighborhood before or after work.  

  • Make a goal for yourself – It always helps to set a goal, and reward yourself if you complete it. “If I get my steps in every day for the months of January and February, I can buy myself those pants I have been wanting in March!” 


Activities to do in spring 


As the weather begins to warm up, create a bucket list of your top activities to keep you active. Not only are these activities fun, but they won’t break the bank either.  


  • Get outside and walk – As spring begins to show its colors, step outside, soak up the fresh air and vitamin C and go for a walk. Find a trail nearby, or simply take a walk in your neighborhood. This is the perfect way to stay active and socialize along the way. 

  • Take a bike ride – A bike is a gift or purchase that keeps on giving. A one-time purchase can result in many mornings, afternoons and evenings of enjoyment. Take a ride to your favorite restaurant or ice cream shop. Find a trail and make an entire day out of it. Pack a picnic and enjoy an active afternoon that includes a hard-earned lunch.  

  1. Find your community’s dog park – Dog parks are becoming more common in local communities. A dog park is a place where dog owners can bring their furry friends to play and interact with other dogs. Let your dog socialize while you do too with others who love their pups just as much as you do.  


Top indoor activities to stay active 


  1. Utilize the internet –  Try an online yoga, cardio or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout from your home. Try a new video or activity a few times a week to keep things interesting. 

  1. Find gyms or fitness centers around your area – Try a temporary membership to a nearby gym or fitness center. This can give you the option to exercise inside when it’s too cold or rainy to do so outside.  

  1. Get your steps in – Go to a large store or the local mall for an indoor walk to get your steps. This is the perfect excuse to window shop or catch up with a friend.  


There are so many health benefits from moving. Don’t let your mindset be, “all or nothing." Just because you can’t go outside and run a marathon, doesn't mean you still can’t get in your, "daily mindful movement”!  


Make this spring your most active one yet!