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Top 4 qualities that make a good insurance agent

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When our team is looking for new insurance agents, we know we cannot just grab anyone for the job. A successful insurance agent is someone that has unique qualities and that people can trust. When we go through the recruiting process, we look for individuals that have these qualities and demonstrate them in their everyday lives.

Not only are these qualities of a good insurance agent, but these are qualities of a good insurance company. You want to rely on your policy and the agent who helps guide you through purchasing the right one. Our goal is to provide coverage clients can rely on.

  1. Goal-oriented - A goal-oriented individual is forward-thinking and has their eyes on the prize. They often are good with time management, knowing that meeting goals does not happen overnight. Being goal-oriented makes a person work with purpose and believe their talents can be used to meet an end goal.

  2. Strong connector - A strong connector is someone who can have conversations with anyone who walks through the door. They are good listeners, but also recognize how others would like to be talked to. They will put themselves out there when necessary and understand that networking is a part of becoming more successful. A strong connector also has a good work-life balance. Enjoying time with family and friends is important to their mental health and well-being.

  3. Competitive - A competitive person wants to work their way to the top. They are focused on not only outdoing their opponents, but also working on being the best they can be for the team. Their nature is not to sit back and relax but be a leader no matter what it takes. While a client is trying to buy an insurance policy they also want to find the best deal for their needs. If an agent is competitive in nature, they will want to find the client all the discounts and ways they can save to get to the best price.

  4. Dependable - When you need something done in one hour, you know you can rely on a dependable person. They are organized and know the value of staying ahead rather than falling behind. To their customers, a dependable agent is someone they can contact when they are in a bind. They know their agent will be there when they need them!

Key qualities of an insurance agent from an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent


Our insurance agents at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance are dedicated to you. They not only want to take care of your insurance policies, but they also want to take care of you and your needs. Listed below are 10 of our talented agents and their takes on which qualities make them successful insurance agents.

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Tyler Benner

    "Having success starts with physically and mentally showing up every day, ready to work hard, having a prioritized plan in place for each day, and being flexible enough to pivot and adjust when things change. When a client calls me, they have my undivided attention and should be able to hear me smile through the phone. Even though they may have interrupted something I felt was important, me answering their question at that moment is what’s most important.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Robert Vermillion

    "There are three qualities that I think make a successful agent. One, coming to work, to work: utilizing your time to get stuff done and following a calendar. Two, being available to your clients: work hours, mornings, evenings and weekends. And third, utilizing your centers of influence: finding people in your community that can assist you with referrals and get you in front of influential individuals.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Gary Gottardi

    "First of all, success is a journey not a destination; my business model is that you should be connected in the community you work in. That means getting involved with various organizations, boards, school corporations etc. Competitive spirit, work ethic, persistence and being goal driven are the qualities live by.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent April Richard

    "My priorities are to leave every client in a better position and more secure then when we met, by educating them and providing solutions and service that surpasses their expectations.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Jack Burd

    "What makes a successful agent is someone that has a presence when they walk into a room and can walk out of that room with friendships. Another aspect of that is making sure you keep developing those relationships and to always look for ways to help them, even if it is outside of insurance. My #1 rule is ‘never walk into a situation thinking how someone can help me, but how I can help them?’ Being a good person to people will always come back 10-fold. If you can help someone with a situation or problem that will be reciprocated.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Travis Wottring

    "You have to be intentional. No matter who you’re meeting with or who is in front of you, take them through the exact same process. Be intentional with every single question and don’t shortcut any client or prospect.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Billy Guy

    "In the 13 years I have been with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, I have had the unique opportunity to watch my ’family’ grow. As the years have passed, the clients I serve are no longer just customers, they have become extensions of my family. I have watched kids graduate high school and college. I have witnessed many weddings and an occasional divorce. I have celebrated with families as they welcomed babies and grandbabies. New houses have been purchased; cars have been sold. You name it, I have seen it. But this is what living and working in a small community means, moving from the ’insurance man’ to a trusted member of the family. When asked what has led to the success I have seen in my business, the answer is simple. When I have your insurance, I treat you like family, cell phone number and all. Protecting your family is my greatest concern, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that should tragedy strike, your insurance coverage is the least of your concerns. My success comes from having honest conversations with my clients and helping guide them to the best insurance decisions possible. And, of course, reminding them if they should need anything, I am just a phone call away.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Jeremy Thomas

    "People buy insurance from people they like. Focus on building relationships and success will follow. Treat people with respect and do what you say you are going to do. Be a trusted resource to your clients and potential clients.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Scott Richards

    "Communicate well, care about the client, be a teacher not a salesperson…clients will respect you, buy from you and refer to you.”

  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Ryan Chattin

    "I utilize my centers of influence quite well to have as many referral contacts as possible! Below the company logo in my email signature is the saying, ‘A referral is the best compliment I can receive.’ This holds true and keeps the funnel full of opportunities for new business.”


Do you want the chance to start your journey as an insurance agent and begin to sell insurance throughout Indiana? Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has opportunities to thrive as an insurance agent and learn along the way. Collaborative learning, hands-on guidance, developing a quality sales skillset and building a network throughout your own community are all things you can experience as an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent or Early Career Professional.


Start the conversation with Brad Loheide, manager of service and field support at He will help guide you in the right direction and talk you through what it takes to be a successful agent at our company.