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Spring break staycation ideas in Indiana

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With spring break right around the corner, it’s natural to start brainstorming fun activities for you and the family. Planning spring break for children and adults can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! This year keep it simple and plan a spring break staycation in Indiana. 


Your spring break does not need to break the bank. Instead plan to do something in Indiana that is enjoyable and affordable! These top five spring break staycation ideas can give you a plan or spark other ideas!  


Top spring break staycation ideas  


  1. Camping inside or outside your home – Camping is not only budget-friendly but also a good learning experience for all ages. Take a trip this spring break to your backyard, living room or a local campground in Indiana. If the weather is inclement or you are lacking camping gear, set up a campground in your living room with forts, a pretend firepit and even microwavable s’mores! If you can camp outside, set up your tents in your backyard or find a nearby campsite. Tell scary stories around the fire and enjoy a break from electronics.  


  1. Experience nature in beautiful Indiana – We all know Indiana winters can be cold, but Indiana springs are full of sunshine and warmer weather. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to find local trails and hikes in Indiana to explore. There are also local playgrounds and dog parks that are a fantastic opportunity to get fresh air and be active throughout the day. Are your children feeling entrepreneurial? Have them create a lemonade stand, or instead of just selling lemonade have them create an additional DIY project to sell at the stand like bracelets, dog treats or cookies! They can spend their afternoons outside and make a few dollars.  


  1. A week of themes – Make every day or every other day of spring break a themed adventure. Similar to spirit week for school, have an assigned theme for each day. If you can stick with it, have mornings and evenings at home dedicated to that theme. Make dinner, play a game or watch a movie within that theme. An example could be a Marvel theme. Have your kids dress up in the costume or colors of their favorite Marvel superhero. In the evening, you could make Hulk hamburger for dinner and Captain American apple pie for dessert. Then watch your favorite Marvel movie. This is a way everyone can get involved and have a fun experience while on break! Working parents may not be able to take time off for their children’s spring break. If that’s the case, suggest this idea to a babysitter, daycare or childcare provider to make spring break an experience they will never forget! 


  1. Family staycation at home – Contact family members from out of town or family friends nearby that may have the same spring break as you this year. If you are all on the same page and want to stay home, host an at-home staycation.. This is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with family and friends away from the chaos of the holidays. Make family recipes, play games all night and just enjoy each other’s company during the break. 


  1. Take a day trip to Indianapolis – As the capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is a hot spot for an exciting day trip. There is so much happening in Indianapolis, and spring break may be the exact excuse for a day trip! The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is located near downtown. The museum features all sorts of exhibits. Indoor exhibits include Dinosphere opening back up in Spring 2022, Fireworks of Glass, Carousel of Wishes and Dreams, Lilly Theater, Barbie You Can Be Anything: The Experience and more! If the museum does not entice you, walk the canal, visit Monument Circle, grab a bite on Massachusetts Ave. or take a bike ride on the Cultural or Monon Trail.  


Working on a better you this spring? 


Spring break could also be a chance for you and your family to work on yourselves. That could be for mental health, physical health or overall well-being.  


  • Mental help tips include reading at least 30 minutes a day, turning off your phone after 8 p.m., trying a new hobby or simply calling an old friend or family member.  


  • Physical health tips include exercising every day for at least 15-30 minutes, taking a walk outside. You could try a new workout, like yoga or barre. Try a new recipe and introduce more vegetables into your lunch and dinner each day.  


  • A few overall well-being tips include writing in a gratitude journal, exploring your own faith or learning something new about a topic you are interested in. 


Regardless of what your plans are this spring break, make it about coming together and enjoying the small moments to create lifelong memories with family and friends.