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Safe dates for Valentine's Day in 2021

Older couple cutting food and making a meal with each other in the kitchen

How to safely celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021 

Valentine’s Day is a day full of showing love and appreciation towards your significant others, family and your pets, especially since February is Responsible Pet Owner Month! 2020 was a year full of adversity and uncertainty, but 2021 is a new year full of hope. Why not start off the year by celebrating Valentine’s Day 2021 safely with the ones you love.  

The government and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have laid out safety guidelines that are in place to protect us while taking part in everyday tasks such as eating out at local restaurants, grocery shopping, mailing something at the post office and more. These safety guidelines are here to protect you and those around you, so continue to wear a mask and social distance.  

So, how can you safely celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021 when COVID-19 is still a part of our lives?  


Cute date ideas for you and your significant other in 2021 


Celebrating the day of love can still happen, it may just look a bit different this year. Here are ways in which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 with your significant other:  


  • Virtual Date Night – For all couples that do not live together and want to continue to practice social distancing, grab your computer and have a virtual date night. Cook or order the same meal, put on your favorite movie and set the computers down next to you. A virtual date night might just be what you need to relax and have fun this Valentine’s Day. Is this a first date, virtual date? You and your date may be able to tell your kids one day that you fell in love during a pandemic while video dating.  

  • Movie Marathon – Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel...what do all these movie series have in common? There are a lot of them. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021 than to have a movie marathon cuddled up on the couch? Tune into a favorite movie series, grab your bowl of popcorn and have a lazy day at home while staying in. Want to be more involved while watching? Answer trivia questions after each movie to see if your date was watching or snoozing!  

  • Cook a new meal together – Starting off the new year with a new recipe is a date idea that will leave you and your date full of delicious food. Create a menu of your favorite cuisines and cook all your favorite dishes together to feast. Pair with a homemade dessert for the perfect ending to a perfect date at home. Not wanting to deal with the aftermath of cooking a meal in your kitchen on Valentine’s Day. Check online and support local by ordering takeout from your favorite Indiana restaurants.  

  • Try something new – Do you have a New Year’s resolution that consists of trying something new in 2021? What better way to try something new with someone you love by your side? Buy two canvases, paint and brushes and try your best to paint each other. Create a new game out of paper, pencil or other miscellaneous items you find around your home. Trying to stay fit in 2021? Try a new workout that each of you have never tried. That could be yoga, cycling or a Tabata workout.  


Fun ways to show your love to family and friends this Valentine’s Day  


Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your gals and guys, or you are celebrating as a whole family? Either way, there are many ways you can celebrate this love-filled day safely. No matter who you are celebrating with, you can still celebrate by hosting a virtual date night, watch a movie marathon, cook a meal together, try something new or experience one of Indiana’s many outdoor activities it has to offer. But if none of those pique your interest, here are other Valentine’s Day celebration options:  


  • Find a fun outdoor activity to do – Indiana has many outdoor activities for you and the family. Check out Indiana’s Outdoor Activities on  Inside Story to read about the fun activities Indiana has to offer.  

  • Family Game Night – Grab your favorite board games, card games or sports games and have a family game night. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and track the scores for the family and find out at the end of the night who the ultimate winner is. Don’t have a lot of games at home? Make one up or look up games you can create online for a creative twist of Valentine’s Day this year.  

  • Drive to Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis – Wanting to get everyone out of the house and stay safe? Take a trip to Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis for a day trip. There are many restaurants downtown to support your business—and eat your meal inside or take it to go to be safe. Did you already eat dinner and now craving something sweet? The South Bend Chocolate Company is on the circle and offers hot chocolate, ice cream, chocolate and more treats for you and the entire family.  

  • Host a family virtual video call with everyone in your family – When was the last time you saw your grandparents or aunt and uncle? Take this as an opportunity to host a virtual family video call that includes all the relatives you can handle on just one screen.  


There are many ways to show your love and appreciation to the ones you love this Valentine’s Day, despite the worldwide pandemic. Do not let COVID-19 prevent you from celebrating the love you are surrounded by every day.  Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance wishes you a love-filled Valentine’s Day.