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Our proud partnership with United Way of Central Indiana

Older man helping child read at a school desk in a school

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance and United Way of Central Indiana’s Partnership

At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we take helping our community seriously. We build relationships with local and state-wide organizations that promote positive living, education and support for communities all over the state of Indiana. Since at least 1980, we have been proud community partners with United Way of Central Indiana.

United Way is an organization that strives to make Central Indiana a community where children, individuals and family can flourish no matter their life situation. They are proud of all their residents’ quality of life and understand that supporting the community is a way to show gratitude and hope for the future. UWCI’s purpose and goals coincide with their mission statement which is, “our vision is that Central Indiana will be a community where children, individuals and families thrive; neighbors care for each other, and we are proud of all our resident’s quality of life.”

What does United Way of Central Indiana do for our community?

United Way of Central Indiana does many things for our community. They continually fight for the education, financial stability, health and basic needs of everyone in the community by researching the need in our community, building a stronger human services network, raising money and making community investments, advocating for better public policies, engaging volunteers in their work, and initiating specific programs that help people reach their full potential.

Their endless involvement with the community demonstrates how when we come together, we are better positioned to help those who need it most. Sometimes we take things like shelter, clothing, food, and water for granted. For many, these items are a luxury. The ability to give back when you can is not only a great way to make a change, but also provide essentials to our community’s most vulnerable.

Poverty does not discriminate based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other identities. United Way serves all individuals who need support. Through their work, they strive to create a more equitable society. United Way believes that the community we live in is best served when diversity and inclusion are embedded in everything they do. United Way’s service areas include Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Marion and Morgan counties.

How has COVID-19 impacted United Way of Central Indiana’s mission

COVID-19 has not stopped United Way from being a positive, driving force in Central Indiana. On March 14, along with five other founding partners, United Way launched the Central Indiana COVID-19 Economic Relief Fund (C-CERF). This multi-million dollar investment allowed them to support organizations on the frontlines of the social services industry as more and more Hoosiers required immediate basic needs assistance. They also supported the Indianapolis E-Learning Fund, which has helped students with remote learning as a result of the global pandemic.  

What can we do to help?

At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we believe that assisting the community is a great way to build company camaraderie and trust in what the company is truly all about. For the past several years, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has provided its employees with annual paid time specifically to go out and volunteer in the community. Many of our departments and individuals have taken part in volunteering for United Way and understand how important it is to support the community around us.

There are three ways someone can choose to support United Way of Central Indiana’s mission: by giving, advocating for their work, and/or volunteering within their network.

As a donor, you can select the cadence in which you choose to give. Whether that’s every week or once a year; a donation is a donation and every dollar helps. Maybe you choose to put a jar in your kitchen and every time you have loose change, you put it in the jar. At the end of the year, turn that change into cash or a check and send it to United Way as a donation to help in our community.

Advocating is as simple as a “follow” or a “like” on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms they are active on. Spread awareness by resharing their posts on your story to show that you are willing to support the community you live in. Despite the pandemic, United Way is still offering volunteer options in a safe, socially-distant way. They update their website regularly with volunteer options throughout the community. These opportunities can be company-wide experiences or something an individual can do outside of work as well.  

Immersive Learning Experiences

Last summer Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s summer of 2019 interns were introduced to an Immersive Learning Experience that United Way of Central Indiana offers. This learning experience was a poverty simulation that showed our interns that in our world, it is important to not take anything for granted and understand that poverty is real amongst members of our community. These Immersive Learning Experiences are powerful, experiential opportunities designed to deepen our understanding of complex issues that exist in our local community. By participating in an immersive learning experience, community members walk in the shoes of a neighbor, a fellow citizen struggling for self-sufficiency, and a better life. Their programs focus on education about the issue at a local level, facing the issue through a virtual experience, and debriefing as a group to share perspectives with others. Participating in this experience can strengthen your company and make for a more knowledgeable workforce.

Poverty Simulation that United Way does with people sorting through food

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance remains committed to its partnership with the United Way and continues to help our community when they need it most.