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Our company's corporate sponsorships with IU and Purdue

Basketball swishing through the basketball hoop with the scoreboard showing 42 points in the background

Indiana is more than just a state, it is a way of life. For many of us Hoosiers, this is the place where we were born and raised along with our parents, their parents and so on. Many of us value planting roots and raising a family right here. Parents may have hoped their children will seek education at one of approximately 60 outstanding Indiana colleges and universities.  


Two of the largest Indiana schools in which Hoosier students head to after high school include Indiana University (IU) and Purdue University. Although these schools are major rivals, each school has traditions and alumni that make them much more than just a university, but home to some of the best memories of individuals’ lifetimes.


At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we take pride in our company's history of being part of the communities we serve, while cherishing our moments of growth. One of those areas of growth is through our corporate sponsorships and community partners.


What is the history of our partnership with Indiana University and Purdue University?


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance's corporate support of Indiana University and Purdue University dates back to 1971 when Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s advertising agency was approached by Lafayette’s Channel 18. The television channel wanted to know if Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance would be interested in being a season-long sponsor for the televised Purdue University basketball games. Shortly after, WTTV Channel 4 also reached out in hopes of doing the same with Indiana University basketball.


Just like that, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance became the sole sponsor of both IU and Purdue basketball on television. Soon after, we also became the sole sponsors for IU and Purdue football on the radio.


As TV advertising began to popularize, it was no longer feasible to be the sole sponsors to both the IU and Purdue basketball teams. Because of that, commercial time began to be sold to other advertisers to help aid the cost of TV time.

We are coming up on 50 years of being proud sponsors of IU and Purdue basketball and football. Throughout the years, that sponsorship has become more than just television and radio spots. Our sponsorship has evolved to courtside LED advertising during basketball and football games, digital advertising on their athletic websites and lead generation opportunities. In addition, during Purdue home football games, the football sideline camera crews’ media vests are branded with our logo!


This shows why corporate sponsorship is important to Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, it gives us the ability to get our name out there while supporting our favorite Indiana college sports teams.


Where is Indiana University located?


As most of you alumni, current students or Indiana Hoosier fans already know Indiana University is in the heart of Bloomington, Indiana. Right outside of the famous Sample Gates lies downtown Bloomington, home to boutiques, restaurants, shops, hotels and other places that hold many memories for IU past and presents students and families.

Where is Purdue University located?


Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Its vast campus stretches 2,468 acres across town and is home to the Boilermakers. The Purdue arch is always crowded with students and their families taking pictures on move-in day as freshmen, up until their last day as a graduating senior. Occasionally, you may happen to see a marriage proposal right under the gates between college-sweethearts that can’t imagine getting engaged anywhere else.


Although the Hoosiers and Boilermakers are known rivals, they are a part of one state, Indiana.