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Kristin Keltner, featured in Vanguard Law Magazine

Kristin Keltner sitting at a table with her hands crossed in front of her smiling

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s own Kristin Keltner, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, was recently featured in Vanguard Law. The article highlights Keltner’s achievements at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance and shares her thoughts on where the company is heading. The company has made significant advancements throughout the years and many of those recent changes are thanks to Keltner’s leadership and peer collaboration.  

Kristin Keltner, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary 

Keltner graduated from Valparaiso University with a double major in English and Humanities. She pursued her law degree at Maurer School of Law – Indiana University, Bloomington.  

Aside from serving on the company’s executive leadership team (ELT), Keltner enjoys spending time with her family and friends and raising urban chickens. Keltner’s husband and two teenage children are fun-loving and keep Keltner on her toes.  

Keltner serves as senior vice president, general counsel and secretary and leads the law division at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, which is made up of four departments: corporate compliance, legal, public relations and communications and talent management. Keltner believes in having great communication and collaboration within her division and hosts one event each quarter that incorporates knowledge, teamwork, volunteerism and goal-oriented activities for the division she leads.  

Vision and future of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance 

The future is bright for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, especially when the company has leaders like Keltner paving the way for current and future employees and agents.  


At the beginning of 2021, Kevin Murphy was appointed as CEO of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. Murphy has implemented a new way of thinking at the company; he uses three words to inspire employees and agents to go beyond their everyday roles: agile, innovative and risk-taking. He encourages employees and agents to embody these three words. 

Although Murphy leads the executive leadership team (ELT), members of the team, such as Keltner, help reinforce those messages to the divisions and teams they oversee. The ELT strives to make sure each employee and agent knows how they can impact the company and support the strategic plan.  


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is more than just an insurance company. We are a family that is made up of individuals with different backgrounds and walks of life. Our company looks forward to the opportunity to continue to learn and grow together.