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Job guide for all job seekers from a talent expert

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No matter if you are fresh out of school or looking to change it up later in your career, searching for a job can be an intimidating feat. Chances are you’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to looking for and interviewing for a new job from friends, family members and classmates. These stories can be helpful, but they can also cause stress when considering doing that yourself.  


When it comes to job seeking, know that you are not alone. There are millions of people out there looking for a job that fits their needs and wants. This helpful guide for jobseekers can help relieve some of that stress and make the process smoother.  


Best practices for networking 


Here is a list of 5 best practices for networking:  


  1. Attend career fairs and professional networking events – Whether you are getting ready to graduate or looking for a new job, career fairs and professional networking events are the ideal place to connect with various employers or other professionals in one space. Bring multiple copies of your resume to handout to hiring companies with opportunities you’re interested in.  

  1. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn – This virtual platform was created for individuals to connect with employers, co-workers and organizations on a professional level. When creating your LinkedIn page, don’t forget to follow employers you’re interested in, connect with individuals and recruiters with common interests and keep your profile updated with current information.  

  1. Make new connections outside of your circle – Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when networking. It is important to connect with individuals and groups that are outside of your circle because you never know what opportunities might present themselves. For example, attend an event alone so you can network and get to know a new group of people.  

  1. Join organizations or groups related to your career interest – Research organizations or groups within your profession. This is a terrific way to connect with professional or other job seekers that may be on the same path as you and can share helpful tips along the way. Through this connection you could gain a mentor or even a job opportunity!  

  1. Tell your story – Go beyond just telling someone your name. This means being able to articulate your past experiences and where you want to go in your future career. Tell your story while being your authentic self. Employers want to get to know you and what makes you unique.  

Looking for more helpful tips on successful networking? Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agency Owner Dusty Wilhite shared some of her own personal goals and insights when it comes to networking and more.


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Best practices for writing a resume  


Here is a list of 5 best practices for writing a resume: 


  1. No more than two pages - Your resume should be displayed on one page, front and back. A recruiter spends an average of 10-15 seconds reviewing a resume, that means that you want to include high quality information about yourself and your past experiences on the document. If you are applying for a job, include recent and relevant experience on the resume.  


  1. Chronological order – Your resume information needs to be in descending order, which means listing your most recent experience first. Throughout your resume use correct verb tenses. For current positions use present tense and for previous experiences use past tense. Be sure to update your resume every year and include new accomplishments throughout.  


  1. Tailor it to the position and company - When creating or updating your resume make sure your information is relevant to the position and company you are applying to. A helpful tip would be to review the job description to which you are applying and use keywords that are featured in the description throughout your resume.  


  1. “Save As” a title that is professional and don’t forget to upload when applying - When you save your resume to your computer make sure to “Save As” a professional document name (I.e., SamJonesResume_2022). Recruiters see the document name when you upload it to their systems. Do not forget to save your documents as a PDF file and always upload your resume when applying for a job.  


  1. Keep it simple – No funky fonts, no photos, no colors. Keep it simple!  


Best practices for interviewing  


Here is a list of 5 best practices for interviewing:  


  1. Dress professionally - Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. Yes, this also applies to virtual interviews.  


  1. Virtual interview etiquette - Interviewers expect you to have your camera on during a virtual interview. The best way to prepare is to log on to the interview 10 minutes early, have the interview in a quiet place, put your phone away and make sure you are not muted during the interview.  


  1. Confirm acceptance of the interview - If the employer sends you a confirmation email for an interview, make sure to confirm your acceptance.  


  1. Bring questions and do your research - Bring a list of 2-3 questions to ask the interviewer to learn more about the job and company you are interviewing for. Before the interview review the job description and research the company so that you know more about their mission, vision, purpose and company culture.  


  1. The earlier the better, but no more than 30 minutes - If you have an in-person interview plan to arrive 25-30 minutes early. This gives you additional time for unexpected construction and traffic, bathroom breaks, reviewing your notes and calming your nerves before the interview.  


How to apply for a job at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance 


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