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Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance's Pacesetter Program

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What is the Pacesetter Program at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance?  

The Pacesetter Program is an impactful training and development program for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agents. We recruit and hire top talent throughout the Midwest, and in turn, provide them with top-notch training and support to develop the skills and disciplines needed to become one of the next great agents with our company. We take immense pride in being able to provide a path toward success, regardless of the sales or business background or development experience of these individuals.  

This program allows us to find great candidates amongst recent college graduates, as well as agents who join our team from diverse backgrounds and past careers. Some of our best and brightest agents came through the program never having sold a thing in their lives and were able to learn what it takes to be great insurance agents and sales professionals.  

Agents in the program focus on learning a solid foundation of business development skills, and in effect “practice” their craft as they move through the program. Focused on activities and efforts toward bringing new clients onboard, an agent aspires to “validate” and become eligible for an Employee Agent position with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance after accomplishing specific production goals. The goals shift year to year to remain current with the market but typically include providing property and casualty solutions to a certain number of new clients, as well as meeting requirements centered around life insurance production.  


How did the Pacesetter Program start and why? 


Initially, the program began as a strategy to improve market share for the company in our metropolitan areas, which still holds true today. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance takes considerable pride in our market position in our rural areas and our metropolitan areas, as well. 

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance strives to grow and take care of a greater number of clients each year. In somewhat of a “two birds, one stone” process, we also began the program to accomplish the goal of recruiting and developing the next great wave of top agents in a unique approach compared to how the company had done in the past.  


Who can complete the Pacesetter Program? 


The best and brightest, of course! We are always on the lookout for recent or soon-to-be college graduates, coaches, teachers, movers and shakers. Who do you know who leans into social situations rather than avoiding them? Someone well-connected, fearless in conversation, all the while being genuine and caring about those around them.  

Above all these specific examples, we like to believe that the program can provide opportunities for anyone and everyone to learn what it takes to succeed in our industry.  


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agents’ testimonials    

“The Pacesetter Program allowed for a no-stress environment to learn the ins and outs of insurance. Having this in place allowed me to find out what makes a successful agent through activity and process. Without this program, it would have been extremely difficult to focus on activity while learning the business, as well as managing existing accounts.”

- Jack Burd, Agent Owner in Marion County


“I knew nothing of outside sales, insurance, marketing or networking. The Pacesetter Program gave me the ability to learn, grow and develop a new skill. It gave me an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes other agents made as well. It gave me an easy platform to learn the business.”

- Steven Powell, Agent in Marion County

“The Pacesetter Program helped direct me to where I am today with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. It helped teach me how to find business organically instead of living in my book.”

- Travis T. Wottring, Agent in Boone County

“The Pacesetter Program group has allowed me to grow as an agent in many ways. The guidance from my mentors and coworkers has allowed me to become better as an agent each day. I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones while operating in the pacesetter group providing insurance to people all over the state!”

- Jack Franklin, Personal Lines Agent

“The Pacesetter Program has allowed me to learn more about the insurance industry and how I could be the best agent possible at my own speed. I truly believe being the sales/marketing intern in 2019 gave me the hands-on experience to understand what an agent would do on a day-to-day basis before entering the program. The Pacesetter Program gave me the time to understand how to go out and prospect new members for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.”

- Schuyler Nehrig, Personal Lines Agent


"The Pacesetter Program allowed me to grow as an agent without the everyday pressure of meeting numbers or producing sales. It allowed me to develop my own processes, build confidence and learn under very accessible guidance and coaching. The program helped guide a path for my future, find out my own strengths and weaknesses, all while perfecting my own sales process. Without this program, I might not have succeeded as fast as I have today.”

- Zac Capps, Agent in Marion County

“The Pacesetter Program has been amazing to me. When I graduated last month during a pandemic, I was worried to find the right company that would allow me to grow within. No company was taking agent positions, or if they were, they were not hiring an inexperienced 22year-old. This company took a chance on me, and that means the world to me!”

- Cole Fesler, Personal Lines Agent

“I really enjoyed the Pacesetter Program! It put me ahead of the average agent that is hired on. I was able to receive training, attention and responsibility from the managers of the program at the time. Being in a program like this helped build my confidence and knowledge as a new agent. Also, many relationships were forged with my fellow agents in the program. If I had a chance to do it again, I would!”

- Adon Mickens, Independent Contractor


Interested in becoming an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent?  

If you or someone you know demonstrates these qualities, consider applying or encouraging them to apply for a job at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. Learn more about the careers we offer and understand that we are more than just an insurance company, we are a family!