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Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance's CEO, Joe Martin, retires

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance's CEO Joe Martin sitting and smiling into the distance

Executive Vice President and CEO Joe Martin announced his plans to retire from Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance at the end of 2020.

Martin started his distinguished career at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance in 1980 as an analyst in the investment department. He served in various roles in the investment department until 1988 when he was promoted to vice president and treasurer. In 1992, he was named senior vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer. Since then, he has also served as senior vice president of corporate services, chief financial officer and treasurer, chief operating officer, senior vice president of life operations and senior vice president of marketing before being promoted to executive vice president and chief executive officer in 2014. Joe will retire at the end of this year after 40 years of service to the company. He has accomplished many milestones in his long career with these companies and leaves behind an impressive legacy.

“This was a fabulous career,” Martin said. “I’ve learned more, seen more and done more than I ever thought was even possible. It was a joy to come to work every day.” 

Under Martin’s most recent leadership as CEO, the company has grown in various areas. Thanks to this success, the companies’ AM Best ratings continue to be strong. United Farm Family Life Insurance Company has continued to maintain its “A” (Excellent) or higher rating for 59 consecutive years and United Home Life maintains it “A-” (Excellent) rating. Most excitedly, United Farm Family Mutual Insurance Company, the property and casualty company, was upgraded twice from a “B++” (Good) to an “A” (Excellent). 

“Some of the best years in the history of our companies have occurred during Joe's tenure as CEO,” said Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance President Randy Kron. “I know we have all appreciated the leadership he has provided and his dedication to clear and open communication. He will be greatly missed and will leave a proud legacy behind when he retires on January 1.” 

Martin’s facilitative leadership, paired with his intelligence and drive, are skillsets that have motivated and inspired the organization to steer the boat in the same direction. He is committed to leading in a way that builds commitment and teamwork, and that commitment proved wildly successful.  

“I hope I’m remembered as someone that cared a great deal for those that work for us, the membership and the company,” Martin said. “I hope my actions taken and decisions made show I was able to balance the wellbeing of all the stakeholders to the betterment of the company and the membership.” 

“After 40 years, I’m most proud of all the people that I’ve helped develop and seen them be successful in their careers,” Martin continued. “At the end of the day, it is about the people because they are what makes us a successful company. They’re the ones that achieve the goals and objectives; when they are successful, the company is successful. And that is exactly what has happened. I’m so proud of that.”

Joe Martin has left a legacy at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, but newly promoted CEO, Kevin Murphy is excited to pick up where he left off and continue that legacy.