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How much farm insurance do I need for my farm?

Young farmer outside in his field with a crate full of vegetables from his farm

The amount of farm insurance an individual needs will vary from farm to farm, depending on the size and type of farming operation. Determining your insurance needs is dependent upon two areas: farm property and liability. Farm property covers the physical items that are used to conduct farming operations. These items include farm structures, equipment and machinery, livestock, crops and farm vehicles. The farm structures can be insured on either a replacement cost or an actual cash value basis. Age and characteristics, as well as personal preference, will impact the value at which these should be insured. Farm liability provides protection for your farm if others are injured or property is damaged as a result of your farming operations.

Your Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent can help you determine the amount and type of farm insurance coverage you need to protect your valuable assets. You can work with our team of farm experts, who can help you decide the proper amount of farm insurance coverage for your home, barns, equipment, livestock, crops and vehicles.


What does my farm insurance cover?


The Rural Guardian farm insurance policy can provide coverage for homes, barns and bins, farm equipment and machinery, livestock, crops and farm vehicles. An HO3 policy is available for owner-occupied farm dwellings and is not a named peril contract.

Special perils coverage is available in our farm electronic endorsement; it provides coverage for direct physical loss for farm electronic equipment, and the installation and activation expenses of the newly replaced equipment.

Equipment used with residence or farming operations can be covered for a loss by a mechanical or electrical breakdown with the equipment breakdown coverage.


What does my farm insurance not cover?


The Rural Guardian farm insurance policy is a farm insurance policy and is designed to provide coverage for farming operations, but it is not able to provide coverage to business or commercial operations.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance can provide coverage for business or commercial operations with a commercial insurance policy.


What are the different types of farm insurance policies?


The Rural Guardian is our basic farm owners policy that can be customized to meet the farm’s insurance needs by using numerous endorsements to expand coverage.


  • The Farm Umbrella can provide additional liability coverage for farms.
  • The Farm Pollution policy can provide coverage for pollution events arising from farming operations.
  • Crop insurance can protect from crop losses due to hail, fire, lightning, vandalism and some transporting accidents. It also can provide protection for farm income due to crop losses.
  • Worker’s compensation can provide coverage for an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages payments in the event of a work-related injury.
  • Farm Auto Policies can protect the vehicles your farm owns, operates or uses in the course of its daily operations.


How do I purchase a farm insurance policy at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance?


Whether you own a small farm or a large operation, a team of farm specialists can have a conversation with you to get to know the insurance needs of your farm and farming operations.  Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has offices in every county, so there is always an agent close by to discuss your insurance needs.

During this conversation, we will help you determine which coverage options meet your needs and identify qualifying discounts. Once we help you identify your needs, we will help you create a customized farm insurance program just for you!

*The information in this article was compiled from a variety of sources and is intended to provide helpful tips only