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Haunted houses in Indiana are open for business

Four teenagers posing for a photo at a haunted house with a scary clown and doll

Although, summer came to an end on September 22, the need for adventure after what felt like a year of boredom is still upon us. Check out Indiana’s top haunted houses with family and friends and prepare to be spooked!  


Haunted houses are a perfect getaway from reality when you need a break. They offer a scary and exciting evening that you, your friends and family will never forget. The best haunted houses in Indiana are all over the state. They include multiple levels of scare tactics and excitement for all thrill-seekers. Each haunted house may have separate guidelines that guests can view on their website, at the haunted houses themselves or by calling to find out more.  Be prepared to have a spooky good time at these haunted houses in Indiana.  

When do haunted houses open in Indiana?  


Haunted houses in Indiana are currently open for business. But hours and days of operation may differ. That means before you get everyone packed in the car for your favorite fall pastime, you will want to check the haunted house’s hours of operation and guidelines first. Most haunted houses also encourage guests to purchase their tickets online before arriving, sometimes you can receive a discount by purchasing online, too.  

What haunted houses are open right now?  


Indiana has an assortment of haunted houses to choose from for all scare fanatics. These four haunted experiences offer a unique take on the classic haunted house. Want to know more about their hours, guidelines and scaring rules? Check out their websites for more information on their fright-filled entourage.  


Soul Takers Acres, A Haunting by the Lake, is located in Warsaw, Indiana. This haunted attraction is in its eleventh season and promises to be better than ever. If you run into “Wanetaqua” make sure to run the other way! This legend of legends is known as the taker of life and will stalk the new arrivals as they come though this haunt. Be sure to check online for their hours of operation or to buy tickets.  


Evil on Erie located in Lafayette, Indiana is home to over 15,000 square feet of pure freight! The story behind Evil on Erie begins in 1956 when the warehouse was built. As time went by more people had strange experiences while occupying the space. After a few investigations, the building was deemed to be truly haunted. If you do not believe in the stories, see for yourself. You must be 13 years old to enter, but this chilling experience can spook all ages.  


Hanna Haunted Acres located in Indianapolis, Indiana you won’t want to go alone to experience its six attractions including Hanna Haunted Hayride, Acres Manor, Cannibal Chaos, Horror Fields, Freakshow and Descension. Want more information about these attractions? Visit their website to learn more.  


Indy Scream Park located in Anderson, Indiana is a classic. Located on more than 20 acres, there is no better way to get the adrenaline pumping when you go see it for yourself. Indy Scream Park offers main attractions including Zombie Paintball Assault, Killgore’s 3D Circus, Monster Midway and more.  


Forbidden Hollows Haunted Farm located in Bedford, Indiana is a haunted house and corn maze. Opened on Saturdays in October, Forbidden Hollows is host to spooktacular fall nights! A portion of proceeds go to support Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County, L.I.F.E. Food Pantry and WildCare Inc.  


Haunted Angelus House located in Indianapolis, Indiana and raises funds for The Angelus, an organization supporting those with cerebral palsy group. This haunted house is features attractions such as Hell Town, but also hosts a family trick or treat event on October 24. Tickets are available in person or on the website.  


Hysterium located in Fort Wayne, Indiana where the tortured souls of patients wait for your arrival. These patients are eager to get out of the haunted asylum and it is your job to make it through alive. Hysterium supports  Don’t Be A Monster which is an anti-bullying program that works with haunted houses all throughout the country. Support your local community by participating in the fun this fall!  

Do we have to wear a mask at the haunted house? 


Haunted houses’ mask requirements may differ from each other. The best way to find out for sure is to check their websites or call the in advance to find out more about their COVID-19 safety guidelines.  


What are social distancing guidelines at haunted houses? 


In order to understand what the guidelines are for each haunted house, you will need to look at the websites for each haunted house. You can also call each attraction to find out more about how they are keeping their employees and guests safe.  


What other fun activities can I do this fall? 


If visiting haunted houses isn’t your favorite fall activity, you’re in luck. There are a variety of options for fall entertainment, that include heading to apple orchards and pumpkin patches all around the state of Indiana, cooking delicious recipes with friends and family, having a fire pit outside, watching your favorite movie while bundled under a cozy blanket or enjoying a late evening walk as temperatures begin to drop before winter.  


No matter your preference there are a plethora of fall activities that you, your friends and family can take part in this season!  

*The information in this article was compiled from a variety of sources and is intended to provide helpful tips only.