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Guide to having a safe Thanksgiving 2020

Small family gathering for Thanksgiving outdoors while an older gentleman is serving the family a Thanksgiving turkey

Safety tips for Thanksgiving  

Thanksgiving 2020 is going to be like no other holiday you and your family have experienced. During a strange time in our history, it is easy to lose track of the days even months, leaving some to ask, when is Thanksgiving this year? Whether or not Thanksgiving crept up on you, you may already have a plan in place to stay safe during your Thanksgiving celebration this November.  

So how do you celebrate Thanksgiving this year while the coronavirus—COVID-19—is still a threat? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has many safety tips for celebrating this holiday season. The tips range from making sure you continue to wear a mask while you are out and about, abiding by the social distancing guidelines and always using safety precautions while going to the grocery store, out at restaurants or even in your own home.  

Top 5 safety tips you should abide by due to COVID-19:  


  1.  If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and follow CDC guidelines for testing and quarantining.  

  1.  If you do choose to host the festivities at you or a family member’s home, make sure to limit the number of guests and social distance whenever you are able. View the State of Indiana’s COVID-19 Dashboard and Map, which contains county-by-county positivity rates provided by the Indiana State Department of Health. 

  1.  Talk to your family and discuss plans for this year’s celebration. Maybe 2020 is a year to have a small gathering with your immediate family.  

  1.  If you do decide to have a small gathering at someone’s home, make sure you increase ventilation in the home while you have guests. Open windows and doors as much as possible to increase airflow.  

  1.  Make sure the cooks in the kitchen wear a mask and frequently wash their hands while making the classic Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.  

The CDC offers many additional tips for celebrating the holidays.


Alternative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving 

This year has been one for the books. Literally, 2020 will be a year that is going to be put into the history books for children to learn about in school. So why not stray from tradition this year and try unique activities that you and your family will never forget?  


Have an outdoor Thanksgiving this year  

Bundle up and get ready to have your holiday festivities outdoors this year. Grab your family and cooked turkey and set up a picnic outside. Talk to your surrounding neighbors to do the same and set a time for everyone to set up their meals outside so you can still be “together” for the holiday celebration.  


Wear a mask and social distance Thanksgiving 2020 

Too cold for you and your family to have a picnic? Limit the number of guests you allow at the in-home gathering and have all who are attending wear a mask and abide by the social distancing guidelines while celebrating this year. Take this time to show off your new mask or give tips on how you made your mask to those who are interested in a new DIY project.  


Host a virtual Thanksgiving  

A happy Thanksgiving can look like a virtual Thanksgiving this year. You can host a virtual party in the safety of your own home with everyone and more! Grab your computers, set out the fine dishes and get ready for virtual Thanksgiving 2020. 

Eat in the comfort of your own home while still spending time with those you love. After dinner, take time to share what everyone is thankful for this year, make Thanksgiving crafts or have fun creating safe activities that everyone can participate in virtually, like Thanksgiving’s Day charades. 


Other Thanksgiving Day options for you and your family 

Not sure if one of your Thanksgiving activities is considered safe? This year, maybe it is better to postpone that tradition and create a new one. Watch a movie, have a small group go outside for the annual family football game or simply concentrate on your Black Friday deals you are about to score.  

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is its own family, protecting your family. We know there are many things to be thankful for, including family. Get your family in the Thanksgiving mood and create a poster board or a small notebook filled with what you are thankful for this year despite its circumstances.  

Wanting to support small businesses and stay out of the kitchen this year? Check out the local restaurants open on Thanksgiving to see if you can support them while not having to hassle with your own delicious meal. Remember to check out pick-up and delivery options. 

Before solidifying your plans this year, make sure to research new ways to celebrate this Thanksgiving. Don’t be afraid to do something out of the box with your Thanksgiving desserts or your famous Thanksgiving side dishes. It is the year to try something new and have fun while staying safe. 

Make this Thanksgiving one to remember. From all of us at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope you stay safe and take this time to find something to be thankful for this 2020.  

*The information in this article was compiled from a variety of sources and is intended to provide helpful tips only.