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Get to know Farm Bureau Bank


A woman deposits a check into her bank account virtually via her phone.

Your money can be at your fingertips with one of our many exclusive Indiana Farm Bureau member benefits—Farm Bureau Bank. Farm Bureau Bank proudly serves members across the country, in rural and metropolitan areas. As an Indiana Farm Bureau member, you have access to a dedicated team of bank personnel employed by Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance who can help you with your banking needs. And you don’t have to go anywhere!  


Is Farm Bureau Bank right for me? 


Virtual banking (also known as digital banking, internet banking and mobile banking) is not new but became more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic, the use of virtual banking has continued to increase. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), since 2017, the use of mobile banking increased nearly 30% by 2021 and continues to rise.  


What is Farm Bureau Bank? 


Started in 1999, was formed to offer additional financial services to members that insurance agents couldn’t supply. Indiana Farm Bureau and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance were among the original founders.  


“Indiana Farm Bureau saw how much the bank could benefit its members,” said Sean Cole, manager of Ancillary Markets. “We wanted the bank to be one more tool that our members could use to help improve their financial lives.”  


An all-virtual bank, Farm Bureau Bank uses technology to help members access their accounts 24/7. Members can do nearly everything available at a brick-and-mortar bank, without taking the time to travel to the bank. 


Is Farm Bureau Bank a real bank? 


Yes! The Farm Bureau Bank is a fully FDIC-insured bank, meaning that your funds are protected up to the maximum limits permitted by law in the unlikely event that your bank closes. It offers products and services available at nearly any bank including, debit cards, money market accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, commercial lines of credit, auto loans, equipment and recreational vehicle loans, certificate of deposit accounts and mortgages via Farm Bureau Mortgage, to name a few. 


“It is a bank in every meaning of the word,” said Farm Bureau Bank Manager Kristi Rogers-Cline, “You can do nearly everything you need to do at a brick-and-mortar bank with us, including transferring money, setting up EFTs and even depositing cash.” 


What sets Farm Bureau Bank apart? 


According to Cole, “Our members already have a relationship with us and trust us with a great deal of their financial life. With Farm Bureau Bank, using their agent or our dedicated bank team helps clients control their financial life holistically and gives them a one-stop-shop.” 


In 1999 when the bank began, one of the issues facing many Indiana Farm Bureau members was the lack of branches in rural areas. Farm Bureau Bank made that issue moot. It also allowed customers to work with familiar faces and avoid big banks. 


“We provide that small-town feel,” said Rogers-Cline. “We’ve worked with families for two or three generations. It is important to us to build those relationships and earn our clients’ trust.” 


What if I need assistance with my banking? 


Another thing that sets Farm Bureau Bank apart is Indiana Farm Bureau’s commitment to it.  


Indiana has a unique model, an in-house bank team. Employed directly by Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, there are dedicated bank personnel available to help you. Combined, the bank staff has more than 50 years of banking experience and is committed to helping you on a local level. 


It’s not about the numbers 


Though the bank team strives to enhance the relationship clients already have with their agent, marketing associate and other Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance staff, significant focus is placed on education. 


“We are Farm Bureau’s bank, and we are here to assist you,” Rogers-Cline said. “Our goal with each interaction is to provide information and education that will help clients make the best decision for them. In fact, we often advise clients that a specific product of ours may not be in their best interest and explain why.”  


How do I sign up? 


Signing up is easy! You can visit your local office, talk to your Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent or Marketing Associate. In today’s fast-paced digital world, having immediate access to your money is important. Partnering with Farm Bureau Bank helps make banking easy, fast and convenient. With a dedicated Indiana-based bank team you get the perks of a small-town bank without the hassle of working with a big bank.  




What is virtual banking? 


A virtual bank allows you to conduct many of your banking transactions entirely online through a secure website or a mobile app. You don’t need to take the time to visit a bank branch, because your banking is at your fingertips. 


What are the benefits of virtual banking? 


The number one benefit of virtual banking is convenience. You have the option to bank anywhere you want, any time you want. Many virtual banks, including Farm Bureau Bank, offer the same features as banking in person. You also have control over your finances with real-time access to managing your accounts. 


Is online banking safe? 


Yes! Keeping financial and personal information about you secure and confidential is one of Farm Bureau Bank’s most important responsibilities. Its systems are protected, so information remains secure, through virus protection, firewalls, secure socket layer (SSL) and other advances in technology. Plus, using biometric features and multifactor authentication to log in to your virtual account helps make it even safer.  


Are online banks legitimate?  


They are! As a federally chartered savings bank, Farm Bureau Bank is regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to the maximum limits permitted by law. 


Can I deposit cash? 


Of course. Many banks and ATMs offer the ability to deposit cash even though the account is at a different bank. Not all banks offer this service so check to ensure they do before attempting to deposit cash. 


What is the difference between virtual banking and a brick-and-mortar bank? 


Practically nothing. Most virtual banks provide the same features and services as a brick-and-mortar location. In fact, most brick-and-mortar bank institutions have their own mobile app to capitalize on the trend toward virtual banking.